New Info on PS3 Home

On Halloween and Christmas Sony stated that special content will be made available, only for a limited time though. Could we be seeing Halloween costumes for our avatars in October? Perhaps a Santa Clause avatar in December? The possibilities are endless.

One thing which Sony did state though is that Home is not a persistent world. This means that once you leave Home all of your possessions will go with you. This means that once your PlayStation 3 shuts off and you are disconnected to the network no friends can visit your Home Space.

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n4g sucks4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Dear god, please bless me so that i can be one of the 15 thousand people who get to beta test sonys ps3 home. i will no longer sleep and i will continuously press the refresh button.

blackmagic81034235d ago

yeah i want to get to test it too. would kick a$$

jez774235d ago

Since it is not a persistant world users can not view the tropies and achievements when the person is offline. They will have to be invited when the person is online.

Believe me this is not the last of these limitations from SONY. Next it is going to be you can not stream full movies they can only be a certain size and length. Wait. It is bound to happen.

PureGamer4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

i invite my mates over, im sorry but if you sdtay in your house all day all alone then thats pretty sad. i dont need acheivements, i just tell them that ive just completed bla bla if there a good enough friend they will believe you.

timmyp534235d ago

if everything can be done through the xmb then milestones*(achievements) will be viewable by random folks but if not then i guess you can blow yourself away and go to the playstation 3's hall of fame.