Student Made DS Games Soon Available

In another outrageous outburst of initiative, Nintendo Japan has announced that games developed by students from its Game Seminar 2006 course will be made available to download from the DS Station.

It all kicked off last Thursday over there, and every two weeks a new creation will rear its unique little head on the service, which is free to snatch from.

These games are Attoiu Ma Ni? Ekaki Uta, which lets you communicate with aliens who've journeyed to earth by drawing pictures; Kuru Kuru Tonzuran, an action game that lets you help out mice captured by cats by swinging a steel ball and destroying obstacles; UJ No Tegakichou, which lets you draw pictures to interact with wacky UJ creatures and also doubles as a diary; and Hana Otoki to Hana Onna, an adventure where men and women shout stuff into the microphone at the appropriate times.

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