Viva Piñata - demo now available on Xbox Live Marketplace

If you're one of many who felt that Viva Pinata was just a little too girly for you to go out and purchase, a solution to your problem may now be at hand. A playable demo of Viva Piñata is available from Xbox Live Marketplace albeit in the US only.

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sak5004626d ago

I'm not for this kind of game. But now i can try it and see if its worth buying

PS360PCROCKS4626d ago

Yea exactly I was always interested but $60 is alot of money to try something you might not like.

The Snake4626d ago

It's only $50 because it's a Rare game, but I'm sure even at that price your statement still stands.

Dukester1014626d ago

i heard it was really fun- despite being a "kids" game

Yo Wassap4626d ago

It is so addictive once you start playing. I spent enough time on it to even reach number 2 in a catagory. Now for me that's just too much time.