Apple slip exposes eight-core Mac Pro

Apple may be about to equip its Mac Pro desktop with Intel four-core Xeon processors, if an inadvertent posting on the company's UK online store is to be believed.

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Bullseye4238d ago

Eight apple cores! Sounds like a powerful beast, but why so many cores?

Neutral Gamer4238d ago

I'd love to say that the cores were gonna be used to give us 4000 frames per second in Quake 4(!), but in reality they'll probably be used to speed up advanced 3D rendering programs or complex simulation work.

Until developers change the way they write their programs to make use of more cores we won't see much of a difference. With so many dual core processors on the PC at the moment, the future looks bright!

power0919994237d ago

The 8 cores will used to calculate why a $1500 laptop, cost $3000 when it's built by Apple.

I am sure it's a difficult calculation to perform.

I am not bashing Apple, just stating a point. :) They are good machines, but not worth the markup IMHO!!

Neutral Gamer4237d ago

Ha ha, that's funny!

I've always wanted to get myself an iMac or a MacPro especially now that you can run Windows on them so easily. But for the equivalent cost you can get a higher specced PC.

Still they do look absolutely gorgeous, something you can't normally say about PC's!

bung tickler4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

you know what else is funny, before apple made the switch to intel chips they were running PowerPC chips much like what is in the ps3, they were even given the option by IBM to use cell chips in thier PC's and they passed saying that they werent powerfull enough when compared to intels chips... kinda funny when you hear all this BS about how the cell is super powered this and that. just kinda puts sony's hype in perspective. just my two cents.

hfaze4237d ago

Personally, I think that Apple made the switch over to Intel CPU's/chipsets to bring THEIR cost down... Nevermind the fact that it will be a LONG time before consumers benefit off of this cost-reduction...

Other than for MacOS X (which is one sexy BSD UNIX varient), there is really no reason to not take that same money, and get yourself an Alienware or Falcon Northwest system for a little less money, and get BOATLOADS more performance out of it...

Besides, if Intel CPU's were so much more powerful than the Power5 CPU's, then why did Microsoft ditch Intel when they went from the XBox to the 360? ;-)

bung tickler4237d ago

my guess would be IBM had the cheapest multi core chip at the time that they were designing the 360.

hfaze4237d ago

"Why did Apple do this?

Jobs said the company made this decision because they want to be making the best computer for our customers, looking forward. He cited his 2003 announcement to ship a 3GHz G5 by mid-2004, a promise that is still unfulfilled. He mentioned that Apple has also failed to deliver a G5-based PowerBook. Clearly, Apple has not been impressed with the pace of processor development by IBM, which builds the G5 chip. And as Jobs said, Apple believes that when it looks to future processor development for chips destined for Apple systems, Intel would progress much faster than IBM would."

In other words, there's nothing wrong with the Power5 architecture (which is why IBM still uses it for their RS-6000 series AIX based servers, and both Microsoft and Sony use it in their latest systems)...


"my guess would be IBM had the cheapest multi core chip at the time that they were designing the 360"

Ummmm... not even close...

Basing pricing on the number of units produced/sold, then the Power5 would be a HORRIBLE choice for a "cheap" multi-core architecture. A design similar to the Pentium D (netburst architecture Intel dual-core) would be the most cost effective since so many of those processors were in production at the time... Not to mention the cost of setting up the manufacturing processes to produce the triple-core varient...

They went with the Power5 for two reasons... First off, it lives up to its namesake as a VERY powerful RISC based CPU... Second off, IBM licensed out the exclusive rights for the Xenon (triple-core) version of the Power5 architecture to Microsoft (preventing their competition from being able to copy them)

Sooooo... Before you go off on a little senseless Sony bashing, do your homework... ;-)

ben hates you4237d ago

the mac no matter how powerful is one crappy ass gaming pc{no games}