Blu-ray will help ensure success of PlayStation 3, says Harrison

In an interview with, Sony executive Phil Harrison said that he is confident Sony will retain its position as market leader in the new console cycle, predicting that PS3 sales will be boosted by the success of Blu-ray.

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Gamer luv4633d ago

"Blu-ray will help ensure success of PlayStation 3, says Harrison"

Surely this idiot has it the wrong way around....

No one actualy gives to sh1ts about blu ray atm...

It's obvious Blu Ray will win tho, as lots of people are going to buy PS3, and what does each PS3 have inside? a Blu Ray player, and consider the amount of people who are going to buy a PS3, against those few who will buy a HD DVD Addon for the 360, or a HD Player for the same price as a Playstation 3...

You do the math...

Not that i care for HD entertainment, but would i pass up the oppurtunity if i had a TV which could output 1080p? I dont think so, and because of my PS3 which im gettin soon, it would be the first choice, as im not about to go and buy something which is proven to not be as good as Blu Ray.

BIadestarX4633d ago

No, he is wrong. It's the other way around. The Playstation brand did not need any ensurance. The PS3 without blu-ray ray would have done just fine. The success of a console is not measure by the media format used. Then why is the DS kicking the PSP butt?
I'm sure that behind doors or to the blu-ray camp they say, "Playstation will ensure blu-ray's success."

PS360WII4633d ago

they make the bluerays less expensive. I mean all HD DVD's about 25 bucks. Some of the Blue Ray titles go for 40! Who wants to pay that for a somewhat better pic? I'm pretty sure not anyone except for the few percent of people who have more money than they know what to do with. They are nice and I do have some movies for both BR and HD just keep the cost to a price that people will buy them for.

Shrek4633d ago

This is such subjective thing. How do you know for sure what the reason somebody buys a PS3? Does it really matter as long as they are selling?

lilwingman4633d ago

I know that I, for one, am buying the PS3 not only for the gaming, but also for the movies. I've been interested in picking up a Blu-Ray player since they first released, but they were so expensive. I'm personally really thankful Sony put one. I can finally get one for a bargain.

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