Quad-layer DVD Technology Becomes the Third HD Format

A DVD capable of holding 20GB could go head-to-head against HD DVD and Blu-ray

The home entertainment market is still wrestling with having two HD optical formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, but soon it will have to deal with another. UK-based New Medium Enterprises (NME) has developed the Versatile Multilayer Disc (VMD), a new optical-based format capable of storing 20GB of data.

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FeralPhoenix4635d ago

"The HD VMD Media Player Duo, starting at $199 (MSRP) and the HD VMD Media Player Quattro, starting at just $249 (MSRP), will both be available from PC Rush in Q2 2007."

-Well if thats true then I guess it all depends on how much studio support they have, if its the same or more than HD DVD then I think at those prices it will definitely be a contender if not draw some huge sales, hmmm, this whole "format stuff" looks messy, Can somebody please compromise, we will see but until then I'm not buying either...."May the best man, errr format Win!"

JasonPC360PS3Wii4635d ago

Forget DVD or anything disc related I'm tired of buying a product that is designed to scratch purposefully so I have to keep buying more. No I’m done with this tech its time for tiny drives that store everything like Ipods that hold 100gb with downloadable content.

eques judicii4635d ago

just wondering... does this need a special laser or just a different firmware installation?? because if its just firmware then the 360 could use these quad dvds and make disc space a non-issue!

Marty83704634d ago

Switching between layers with DVD/HD DVD/VMD all have the same flaws. Which Blu-ray does'nt have, no pause when switch layers so performance is not effected.

bung tickler4634d ago

first of all the layer switch is like 99% unnoticeable if the media is placed on the disk properly, second blu-ray has layers as well. good thing you waisted you one bubble spouting nothing but bullsh!t.

nambo4634d ago

but this may be coming a little too late. If it came out last year I'd say they'd have a good chance, but it seems to me the studios have already made the investments into HD-DVD or BR. The fairly low cost to the consumers could still make it a player, but if HD-DVD comes out with a $300 player as rumored, then I think it'll be a hard sell.

@PS3Fan, your name says it all. You have no credibility. I don't know of anybody else, but I have never experienced any pauses when watching a DVD or playing games on DVD.

Bathyj4634d ago

A 3rd option, especially this late will just comfuse every one now and plus DVD is still going to be around for ages. Do we really want/need 4 choices. And all the studios are still waiting to see how the last hand they played is going to work out. All those good things it has going for it dont mean anything if you have no studio support.

It seems they've invent some fancy layering technique. I dont know why they should try and bring their own disk out and compete with HDDVD and BR. They should licience this layering tech to both of them and clean up.

About what you said to PS3FAN, you do get a layer transition pause when watching DVD movies. It even says so on the covers. It doesn't happen in games though. I reckon anything that needs to be streamed in a game (music etc)probably doesn't switch layers on the disc in the middle of a song.

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