'FlatOut: Total Carnage' (X360) - 4 New Screens

FlatOut: Total Carnage is a re-imagining of FlatOut 2 rebuilt from the ground up and specifically developed to make use of the additional feature sets and improved processing ability of third generation technologies.

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FirstknighT4628d ago

The 4th pic looks absolutely amazing. The best car crash scene I have ever seen on a console.

power of Green 4628d ago

Cant wait to try this physics intense visual treat out.

FeralPhoenix4628d ago

yeah that 4th pic does look really good....but I have to see more of this game in action before I can say whether or not IMO its "hot."

Gamer luv4627d ago

Is it jst me or does it seem that more then half of the games out there are made to look arcadey?

We know the 360 can do it from the likes of Gears of War, Condemed, Forza 2 and from the upcoming games.

But i dont see why they have to make most games look like a cartoon...

InMyOpinion4627d ago

I think it lies in the use of colors for the most part. In most racing games, except maybe Burnout and Kartgames, I would prefer more "washed out", realistic colors.

mucho 994627d ago

is this microsoft's answer to motorstorm? Looks good.

PS360PCROCKS4627d ago

According to an online excerpt from a CVG interview, Rawles (Flatout Producer) was quoted as saying the following regarding their counterpart on Sony's PlayStation 3, "In all honesty no, we've not been influenced by MotorStorm... Looking at some of their features, perhaps they've been influenced by FlatOut."

So yep you bet it other way around though it's Sony's answer to the first game. Oh and I must say these look purdy, digging the particle effects and yea the 4th pic rocks, their is tons of detail everywhere...