Sony Demos Special Gran Turismo Demo

Sony showed off a special version of Gran Turismo HD Concept at the Nissan Motor Sports Exhibition 2007 over the weekend in Yokohama.

This special version of the PS3 Gran Turismo 5 demo had one thing you won't be able to download for yourself via the PlayStation Store: the Xanavi Nismo Z. The car was playable for all attendees of the event. Sony and Nissan also held a tournament where attendees could take on professional racers in a digital race. Joining the updated demo was a new trailer video showcasing the latest Skyline. Hopefully, Sony will be kind enough to make the video available for download via the PlayStation Store.

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Contra264238d ago

looks like its for a different sony system

I think it's for the system call POS...piece of sh!t

this game is terrible. lame.. nothing new... same ol crap.

Arkham4238d ago

(I think that explains why you only have one bubble.)

MS7XWDC4238d ago

FORCE FEEDBACK Enabled !!! ???

Quisp4237d ago

I only Rumble when I drive. FF, is essential, of course. PLEASE enable it for all PS2 games that had it, along with the current batch. My DFP and rig, is getting too dusty.