God of War 3 for PS3 with 1080p, Sixaxis and Rumble

GOW2 Launch event at Sony's Metreon in San Francisco. 1UP Editor Matt Leone did interview Cory Barlog. At 09.35, did Barlog just confirm that God of War 3 will be in 1080p with Sixaxis and VIBRATION functions on PS3? Well, technically he didn't confirm GOW3, but he confirmed Sixaxis and vibration for the future of God of War.

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zantetsuken4238d ago

He confirmed GoW3 at the playboy mansion, the interview is on Jaffe's never ben one to bs around. This is surely going to happen.

Bill Nye4238d ago

Cory Barlog != David Jaffe

zantetsuken4238d ago

I meant Balrog. But like Jaffe, Balrog doesn't bs either.

I love how honest he is about how Gears was a killer game and that the wii is boring.

InMyOpinion4238d ago

Even tho Balrog sounds cooler and more logical.

Pictures of 2 kinds of Balrogs and one Barlog below =) They look a bit different...

nice_cuppa4238d ago

you may want 2007 but they should have 2 years for a real gow follow up on ps3.

power0919994238d ago


"I can see creating the game and leaving hooks. When I was writing, I was jotting down little ideas like that... but I don't want to end up doing sh!t like the horse armor. It needs to be worthwhile. It needs to be substantial, as opposed to some tiny little thing that takes 20 minutes."

This man just sold a GoW2, and a PS3 with that statment. Not that I was not going to buy one before hand, but I am quite fond of people who try to change the industry, and not just make money from it.


Bathyj4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

For a second I thought he said GoW2. For one brief moment I was estatic.

EDIT: power091999
Yeah Dude, I actually meant God of War 2. As far as I'm concerned GoW means GOD of War, I'm taking it back. Gears of War should be called GeoW or Gears I like better. Gears has a good ring to it. Anyway I'm more psyched about GoW 2 than Gears 2.

So just to clarify, I misread it, and though God of War 2 was getting 1080p, rumble and 6ax (<--- trying to get that to take off too) support. I was wrong, and now I'm sad. :(

Couldn't agree more with your last line. Best action game ever made.

power0919994238d ago

Nope sorry they just share the same letters in the title.

However if you have ever played God of War you should be just as excited about God of War 2.

I would think so, anyway.

First one was a fantastic game.

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The story is too old to be commented.