Elderly Actress Wants More Dragon Quest Before Death

For most of us, we can wait a little longer until Dragon Quest IX is released, but not 73-year-old Japanese actress Keiko Awaji.

For her, it's a matter of life or death.

Japanese film actress Keiko Awaji wants to play new Dragon Quest and pronto. Awaji, who has appeared in over 160 movies since 1949 including Akira Kurosawa's police noir Stray Dog, said this about DQ.

"I won't live forever. I'd like to play two more more games... I really want them to put out a new game once every two years."

Don't we all Awaji-san, don't we all.

Awaji is a big fan of role-playing games, including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Mother (known in the West as Earthbound).

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Bob Dole3561d ago

How much are DS's again? Bob Dole wants one now that everyone and their mom has one.

rockleex3561d ago

A Xenogears remake before I die! ^_^

A good official one too. Too bad the Xenosaga team went to Nintendo first instead of Sony... and Sony's the one that needs the RPGs this generation. >_<

Horny3561d ago

Well I hope she gets to play them

SpoonyRedMage3561d ago

I think that's awesome, proves the populairty of Dragon Quest doesn't it?

I can't wait for IX! and X should be out next year or 2011! We could also get another monsters game, Joker was fantastic.

NeloRisi3561d ago

You announced the game in 2006. This is 2009 now... WTF. AND its a DS game so you *know* graphics and audio arent a major challenge. Seriously, I'm really disappointed in SE with this

People are dying to play your games and all you're doing is playing hopscotch with Last Remnant Infinite Undiscovery.

SpoonyRedMage3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

It was delayed because they originally made it an action RPG because they had multiplayer in mind but the fans protested that DQ was traditional and shouldn't be changed, which I agree with so they changed the whole game back to a turn based one.

Also if you want to blame anyone for the programming, blame Level 5.(although it's neither of their faults really and they've gave us 3 DQ games in between 2006 and 2009).

EDIT: Also have you seen the graphics for DQIX!? They're amazing considering the hardware.