Saints Row Demo To Hit August 1st

It seems that official Saints Row website has announced that a single player demo for third-person title will be available on August the 1st. The game looks set to be release on the 29th of August so it will give gamers a while month to try before they buy.

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f1r3waII K1LL3r6194d ago

Just added this story for approval but as normal always someone that beats me to the punch cant wait however for the demo the marketplace is in need for some content.

billybob6192d ago

i bet my left nut it won't come out aug. 1

Asylumchild6191d ago

Yea it will be out on time just like the Prey demo was supose to be out on time!! :) nice one you almost got me almost!

PS360PCROCKS6191d ago

so we can expect it in September