Xbox 360 Core Discontinued? Xbox 360 Premium takes Core place at 299?

"...the Core pack will be canceled, the Premium will drop to 299 euro, the black HDMI-supporting 360 will be launched this May, and finally Halo 3 will hit stores right before Christmas 2007. Too good to be true? Read on!"

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OldSchoolGamer4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

and want to report this as duplicate, please show me the link where it is approved and on the site. I know its not Sony news, but this is News 4 Gamers, not News 4 Sony Gamers. I love the PS3 too, but can we read about other systems too? They all have good games, and interesting stuff should be read. This is original show me a link to the "copied" story and I will remove it myself. Since sony fan boys went and claimed this was old because it hit 120 degrees on the pending page and let me post some comments:

ironwolf - 40 Minutes ago

8 - I looked for....
and found no duplication. I believe a deliberate attempt at suppression is evident.
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dalectrics - 17 Minutes ago

9 - 'Approve'
This is good and relevant news - there is no reason this should not get to the front page. Story approvals needed (and what's with the duplicate reports?)

OldSchoolGamer4238d ago

Why you ask? Because Microsoft has a habit of dropping bombs before or after Sony does, and guess what? Hint...Sony has something going on in Europe.

D R Fz4238d ago

OldschoolGamer, the summary is too long. Make the adjustments and i'll approve. No need for unnecessary sentiments.

OldSchoolGamer4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Thought you meant the title lol, I was like "xbox 360 dicontinued?" is too long? lol. Lets see what happens, if it gets approved will remove comments, but so far this has been bad case of Non-Sony Censorship, while Sony stories repeated get dual postings. Ok well now that my story is exactly how everyone wants, one paragraph enjoy.

ironwolf4238d ago

Drop the second paragraph from the summary, leave only the intro paragraph.

PinkPrincess834238d ago

How is it too long? I think it is very well written. For people to listen sometimes more information is better. People don't like to be left hanging. Just read it and have fun!

ironwolf4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

are in the first paragraph. Leave the details for the full article.

Looks good OldSchool. See if they try to kill it now.

OldSchoolGamer4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Betting some of this or all gets officially annouced prior to or just after the PS3 launch. High end Xbox 360 for 100 less would be a bomb, more gamers could check out Gears for less. I would think a Wii price cut will come this Christmas too, which is good for Sony fans, cause they would be crazy not to follow suit.

FeralPhoenix4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

I think it would be better if CONTRIBUTORS try to stick as close as possible to the original source's title....something I mentioned just a couple of days ago on a post and this is one of the reason I feel that way because I knew it would become a problem with people not in "favor" of the title because of the way its worded, by the contributor. However in this case I don't think you can be accused of "adding" your personal opinion to the headline of this news because you simply "added" the same question to your headline that the original article itself states(rumored) is going to happen; "Xbox 360 Core discontinued?" I'm definitely going to approve this news, but again IMO, its very important for everyone to follow the guidelines for the site and try not to edit the headlines as they appear from the original source. I understand CONTRIBUTORS want to attract attention, but that "want" shouldn't outweigh the "need" for all the readers to judge the news based on its content NOT the headline that the contributor may think is more "exciting", -which I'm not accusing you of but I can imagine it very easily getting out of hand.

Now as for the news itself, "IF" its true I think it will be good news for all of those who really want "HDMI", for now component is just fine for me, but I definitely want a bigger hard drive....and of course the price drop on the premium version should definitely sell a few more systems....damm, at that price you would have to be crazy not to "jump in" -LOL, no not really, I guess some people only want a console if it has their particular brand name on it, I never argue with personal choice but I do think that price is very very attractive. We'll see.

[EDIT] ha, DC RID3R already beat me to it.

OldSchoolGamer4238d ago

The title and the story were copied cut and paste in their entirety on my first attempt to get this approved. This was promptly decided as old and duplicate, 40 minutes after posting and 1 hour after it hit the web. Lol, well I did a search and the closest thing was the 360 black coming in May. That is the only part that was remotely similar, I think most the Sony boys read that part and decided hey this isn't about Sony what is this doing on our website. I understand where you are coming from have read some pretty twisted titles that completely change the outlook and meaning of an article, as far as I know, I have never done that and invite reproach from anyone who can show otherwise.

Anyway, when I approve stories for this site, the only question I ask myself; have I read this on here before? I've approved some bad ones that I notice later hey I missed the story cause it got moderator single approval and never stayed on the front page even 30 minutes. If I can say with certainty, that yes I have in fact read it I will do a duplicate report. If its the ninth time I have seen a story submitted, in different format each day, every day of the week, then it might get an old (sometimes with a duplicate). Shouldn't matter what the news is about console, pc, or tech news; it should be about is this news? Would others like to know about, or possibly see this information? At least, that is what I thought this site was about, but then again I could be wrong.