5 Ways The Wii virtual Console Can be Improved

Virtual "For those gamers like myself who are children of the 80's and 90's, the Virtual Console is a dream come true. Although the Virtual Console has become a huge success, and has introduced many young gamers to the glory of retro-gaming, there are several ways Nintendo can improve the Virtual Console."

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PS360WII4628d ago

I agree with those. Extra features would be pretty neat along with a way to customize the channels. I do have all my pages filled up with VC games and Wii Channels so my storage space is already being tested and I'm closing in on having 0 blocks left :( so yes indeed they need to address this situation becuase I know there are people like me who are getting alot of titles downloaded.

DonSqueak4628d ago

You do know that you can re-download purchased games as often as you want? I don't see much sense in littering your interface with stuff that you can download in 3 minutes or less. You can also put it all on SD-card if you prefer.

Ravenator5294628d ago

To emphasize on #2, why can't Nintendo release an emulator that is half as functional as the free ones that you can download online?

Or how about some online multiplayer with some of these old @ss games?

The Virtual Console is a joke and people need to realize that you can get almost 100% of the material online for no cost.

I can play any of these games online, on my PC (which is connected to my television) and use my 360 wireless controller to play any game that I want.

I mean what sense does it make for someone to charge you for a product that is half as functional as something that is available for zero cost?