GTA IV Rumour: Music Confirms New York? reports:

"The Grand Theft Auto IV debut trailer is still 19 days away, but we've already got a good idea of where the game might take place. Tokyo has been rumored along with Paris, London, and other European locations, but if a new rumor is true, then New York is looking like the winner. NeoGAF user VALIS is claiming to know this inside information: "Friend of mine was just contacted today to be on the GTAIV soundtrack. He was in the 1980s NY hardcore band Breakdown. He had a laugh at the lowball offer, but of course he's not gonna pass it up. Might not mean anything. But if you did want to play Kojak... Late 1980s setting? New York again? Nah. Not necessarily." Complete lie? Was Rockstar Games just testing the Internet for rumors? Will we buy the game even if it takes place in Antarctica? All are very possible."

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TheXgamerLive4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

But, new york doesn't have the appeal for me as say "las vegas" would. My fav overall is still "vice city". I'd love to play tommy again.

Tommy man, you gonna love this.

kingboy4264d ago

Tommy was the man and i think vegas would appeal more

PS360PCROCKS4264d ago

I could care less where they put it, I'd play it if it was set in space. I just need my mind numbingly long playing sessions of accomplishing nothing but setting pure havok on the city

Arkham4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Liberty City was already "New York". Time to move on (back) to London or better yet Tokyo.

I'd love to see it set here in Toronto, but then you'd have to deal with the frickin' Gardiner Expressway or the DVP, and I wouldn't wish that on even TheMart. Though there would be a distinct bright side in being able to nail all the two-wheeling pedalheads who think they own the sidewalks. ("Sidewalk, eh? I own this bat, mofo.")

Since GTA:Kansas has already been covered on MadTV, I'm wondering what's next for North America. Detroit? Seattle?

If they do GTA:Quebec (that's in Canada for those of you who can't spell), would we in fact be playing with "thumbsticks of analogue, side-by-each"?

After you die:
<Voiceover:> "I 'ad all deez weap-awns, and woke up 'eer in dis 'ospeetal. When Ah went to check dem, dare dey were: Gone."

Rasputin20114264d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Thats awesome stuff man.

4.2 Arkham

I'm from Nova Scotia

Arkham4264d ago


Are you Canadian too? Where aboots? ;)

kamakazi4264d ago

what the hell are you rambling about?

Arkham4264d ago

If you're not familiar with da Quebecois English, you wouldn't get it. Move along.

Rasputin20114264d ago

Have you never heard people make fun of Stephen Dion's english? If no then I agree...just move along.

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