PS3's Cell Divides Into 65nm

Cell processor gets small, cheaper to build

IBM today announced that their factory in East Fishkill, New York was now producing a 65nm version of the Cell Processor. Up until now, the Cell could only be made in a 90nm version. This smaller chip size will mean that Cell Processors can be manufactured at a third less cost, along with consuming less power.

Cell Processor was a multi-year project jointly developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM. This new manufacturing method will no doubt be a boon for Sony, which uses Cell as the core of their PS3 console. The next smallest chip size, 45nm, is expected to roll out in a couple years.

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lilwingman4264d ago

I'm anxious to know when these will make their way into PS3s.

Apocalypse Shadow4264d ago

means over time that price may come down and sony could make a profit sooner rather than later.smaller,cheaper and more efficient than the release system is a good thing.

techie4263d ago

WIll that mean a new cooling system? Etc etc...will their be an announcement to say when they are actually on store shelves? I think I'd prefer this one.