Neocrisis: Why do Games to Film Always Suck?

Neocrisis writes: The original Street Fighter film has garnered a reputation as being so bad it was good by some. However there is no such luck for the new film. Needless to say the movie is a terrible pile of trash. This got me to thinking why do all the movies based on games suck?

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Raoh3566d ago

Easy answer... owner of the product thinks it will sell on name alone, developer/publisher of the game thinks it will sell on name alone.

all parties involved put little to no care into the game cause it will sell anyway.. and the fact that most of these crap games sell well their right.. (idiots stop buying these games)

there is nothing wrong with a game coming out at the same time as the movie but they should be working together...

with all the cgi in movies lately there is no reason why the movie and game cant share the cgi studio or work together with two studios...

the video game and movie director should be at each others staff meetings...

etc etc etc...

its a shame too, cause not only should some of the games released should have been better, there are some movies that could have been great games...

game versions of rocknrolla, way of the gun, etc would be great games (think indigo prophecy, soon to come heavy rain, mgs4, soon to come alan wake etc)

all the movie based games are action but many adults would love to play a story driven movie game, i would...

jazzking20013566d ago

it all comes down to is $$$$$$$$$$

Trollimite3566d ago

Beacuse you touch yourself at night

BkaY3566d ago

they dont give a flyin rats azz about the game ... they think tht they can get away with just the name like "max payne".... worst acting and directing ever.....

i think if they really want to make a movie based on game.. then do in 3d, not real actors...

like final fantasy 7 and RE:D....

they were pretty decent movies...


nix3566d ago

i never buy a game that's made out from a movie. hell.. i don't even bother to download the demo. i did download the Wall-E demo by mistake... man that demo just wouldn't end. it was so freaking long and equally boring.

only the kids will love "movie" games.

Major_Tom3566d ago

Golden Eye certainly didn't suck, but I reckon that's the exception to the rule!

jazzking20013566d ago

exception to the rule
but the movie came before the games

Rockox3566d ago

The best line from Street Fighter is:

"Now who wants to go home...and who wants to go with ME?!"

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