Ninja Gaiden Sigma... stick it on your PS3

Playstation Fanboy reports: "The latest PlayStation Magazine fell into my lap yesterday (well, my mailbox) and I perused it briefly. Seems there was some news on Ninja Gaiden Sigma and since we try to keep up with that game here, I'll post what appears important from the article.

Resolution is slated at 720p at a constant 60fps.
The SIXAXIS will be used to quickly summon up some Ninpou magic (that might actually be annoying... I hold the controller wonky, you see)
Normally, there would be about 16 chapters in the game... Sigma is floating on 19.
Finally, you get the option of storing the entire game (or parts of the game) directly onto the PS3 -- which would be great. Or you can do the whole disc-inserting thing. Whichever."

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nice_cuppa4632d ago

its a suped up xbox game for god sake.

Arkham4632d ago

Quit yer spamming. When you have more 1080p games, come back. Until then, you should have more than enough games to keep yourself occupied. Or do you just like to b1tch?

FordGTGuy4631d ago

Every game being 1080p and even games running 120fps?

Bathyj4631d ago

Its time to get over it Dude. Not every game is going to run at 1080p, you cant launch a missile with a PS2 and they aren't going to do a remake of The Phantom Menace rendered on the fly by clustered Playstations.

You've probably never believed a word Sony has said anyway, so why act so offended that they "lied" to you. Not every thing they say happens, or is true, or even makes sense. Congratulations, a PS FAN admits it. But just remember alot of good stuff they say does come true so that mean you're not always right either.

Dreyals4631d ago

Bathyj-The PS2 can't shoot a missle....damn thought that was standard feature(yes I thought it was funny)...Anyway jokes aside, games in full 1080p would be nice however there are very few in relation to 720p and 1080i resolution screens out there.

Contra264631d ago

i was expecting more...
but still this game does beat God of War.
the difficulty level is pretty hard.. and you'll play it over and over again.

Ninja Gaiden 2.....waiting for you!!!!

PS360WII4631d ago

you guys are intolerable just complaining for the sake of being annoying. Well done you get one clap from me -clap-.

First yes it's the Ninja Gaiden we all know and love. Second it's totally redone from the ground up meaning better enemies, better surrounding, better physics, better... well everything. Third, it has 3 more chapters so I guess you could call that new and nothing you have played yet. It also has other characters you can play and dual weild weapons. No one said that every game was going to be 1080 and where is this 120fps coming from. You guys pick apart way to many things but when it comes to your system of choice it's all ducky...

This game is going to be awesome and I can't wait to put it in the PS3 for all the glory. Even if it is for the 3rd, but a hell of a lot better, time.

AllroundGamer4631d ago

60fps is pretty good, the 1080p games will come in the future for sure, when the devs are more experienced with the PS3 + Sony will release more tools for them

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