Warhammer Online: Over Forty Servers To Close

Mythic has asked Warhammer Online players on selected servers to transfer their characters to one of 15 destination realms, in preparation for the closure of 43 game servers.

A notice went up yesterday on the Warhammer site, informing players of the upcoming transfers. A table containing 43 Source and 15 destination servers shows players where they may transfer their characters to, although if they would prefer another server Mythic is allowing a one-off transfer to any server of the player's choice of the same type.

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Dorjan4824d ago

Crazy... it's looking bad for WAR!

BRG90004824d ago

Warhammer looked good, but Blizzard played this perfectly. Releasing Wrath, which was fantastic, just weeks after Warhammer came out drove everyone back to WoW from the looks of it.

Maticus4824d ago

Oh dear, not good news surely?

Fyzzu4824d ago

Ouch. They're really going ahead with this, then.

Leord4824d ago

Well, if there are not enough players....


And people still play WoW its not even a good game. Sigh :(

Montrealien4824d ago (Edited 4824d ago )

that must be why they play wow an not warhammer....uh wait, your comment made no sense, since people still play wow and its a bad game..uh wait! my eyes went crooked.

Darkfiber4824d ago

Everyone I know that plays WoW plays because everyone they know plays WoW. It's a vicious cycle, that doesn't mean it's good. Most of them don't even like it, they just "go where their friends go". Most have so much established in WoW that they don't want to quit and start over in a new game. Being popular doesn't make it good, just look at Britney Spears. Enough said.

Montrealien4824d ago (Edited 4824d ago )

knee jerk reaction, you can also look at the beatles, nuff said.

I'm tired of people saying that just because something is popular, oes not mean its good. On thing it clearly does not mean is that it's bad. Accepting people actually like something that you don't is a sign of wisdom, thinking that you like something that is better is not.

kornbeaner4824d ago

WoW is a really good game, but if you like to solo stuff then you're pretty SH!T out of Luck. I avoided the game for 3 years, started playing got hooked, but once I had to start depending on other people to complete certain quest or make certain armors, that was it I stop playing. Warcrack was fun but its not for me. I am not to social when it comes to gaming. I like to go in, do the thing, get out.

Zuhk4823d ago (Edited 4823d ago )

It's the olympics of gaming in many ways. Anyone can beat killzone 2 or halo but not just anyone can beat illidan, soon to be arthas in wow. You need to be a great gamer.

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Uncommon Calibur4824d ago

well....its mainly becaue they opened up with waaaaaay to many servers. I mean, what game expects to come out of the gates having WoW numbers? because thats what they were aiming for. Also, its a really good game, they have just handled a few things poorly. The game is getting better all the time, I just hope it gets good enough to keep the casual players into it.

Montrealien4824d ago

the game is fine, and as you said, they expected wow like numbers which they didnt get so this is just downsizing. I'm guessing these will be very active servers now and they game is a ood one and deserves an auience, which I believe it has.

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