Too Human is Still a Trilogy

And, despite rumors, probably still coming out this year.

Silicon Knights hasn't had it easy with Too Human. They've been kicking around their science fiction epic for over a decade now, and as they're finally getting the first (of three) games in the series together, they're slammed after a poor E3 showing. Since then, Too Human has disappeared from the media radar, with Silicon Knights saying very little about what's been going on.

And then there's the rumor it won't even ship this year. How could Silicon Knights possibly produce two more games before Xbox 360 was ditched for the inevitable next piece of hardware? While Silicon Knights CEO Dennis Dyack isn't saying much, he indicated on the IGN message boards that assuming Shane Kim's comments hint at a delay into 2008 are incorrect.

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CyberSentinel4237d ago

is becoming the duke nukem of console games.

PS360WII4237d ago

but you have to admit it looks and sounds like it would be a fun game

ThaGeNeCySt4237d ago

lol i hope it doesn't become the duke nukem forever of console games lol i've been waitin for this for a while and never gave up hope after the E3 2006 mishap.

power of Green 4237d ago

Already has such a huge install fanbase it's not even funny, we haven't seen such a world wide popular element in a game for many years. You wouldn't believe how many people are waiting and crossing their fingers for this title to be at least average.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

Well this game wasn’t received well during test so they probably went back to rework the whole game. My guess it will do what Dark Sector did and come back into the light looking a lot different. I'm looking closely at this game only because its one of the only non shooters I’m interested in and Elveon.

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