Analyze This: Do Exclusives Still Matter

In the latest 'Analyze This' series of exclusive Gamasutra features, analysts from Screen Digest, Creative Strategies and Wedbush Morgan Securities are asked their thoughts on how important exclusive titles are for this new generation of the console war.

As part of his response, Screen Digest's Ed Barton said:

"Given the hardware market is likely to be more competitive this time round, we aren't seeing the pressures which existed in the [prior] generation for third parties to coalesce around one dominant hardware platform. Yet.

On the other hand, acquiring [several] exclusive games for a console platform is much more significant in terms of driving hardware sales. This brings to mind Phil Harrison's oft quoted observation: "Killer games don't matter; killer catalogs do.""

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nice_cuppa4634d ago

exclusives still matter.

ninty is all about exclusives and with 360 having better versions of multi format games exclusives better matter or ps3 is in real trouble.

Bullseye4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

well, about the exclusives bit.Example if PS3 had a good next gen exclusive Wipeout game available,i would be queueing for a machine at the end of March.If 360 had same game, then i don't need a PS3 at the moment.Exclusives can sell machines, but i suspect we will see less and less of them due to production costs of games sky rocketing.Devs can't afford to develop for one platform and the likes of MS and Sony can't afford to buy them off anymore.

Gamer luv4634d ago

I know what you mean, who ever wrote article is an idiot...

Whos going to go out and buy the more expensive console when id be able to play them on the cheaper one i have now...

The reason i've ordered my playstation is for the exclusives.. Multi Plat games ill most prob get on the 360 because i like the controller better then the PS2 onee... Inless however there is a huge difference in gameplay/graphics.

Would not be worth getting without games like, MGS4, DMC, GT5, F1, Killzone, Warhawk,R;FOM,etc ... Just stupid to say they wouldnt matter.

Captain Tuttle4634d ago

That Michael Pachter, the analyst, thought that Sony's best chance of moving consoles this year was to bundle Spider-Man 3 with the PS3. He must feel the exclusives this year for the PS3, while they might be good games, won't move consoles. Not good.

Gamer luv4634d ago

To really move consoles they should bundle 4 games with the Playstation, the HDMI cable, the eye toy all for the price of the console alone, but thats not going to happen.

THAMMER14634d ago

3rd. party titles are the icing on the cake. That is why I own a 360. Better show of 3rd. party games. I know this may seem corny but picking a console is just as important to most of us as picking a weapon based on the battlefield.

You want a great list of 1st party games that will make you purchase worth it. That exclusivity makes your purchase much more worth its weight in an exponential way. Fact of the matter is some people buy them all up front and may have a console that collects dust, but I just cannot do that. I want my purchase to add up right away. So when the 1st party games start to shape up for the PS3 and the Wii. You will see more praises from me.

WTF4634d ago

They are VERY IMPORTANT!! except the ones that nobody gives a poop.