10 ways to rationalise pre-ordering a PS3

"The keynote presentation from Sony's Phil Harrison had a lot to do with it: he announced two separate PS3 virtual worlds – PlayStation Home and LittleBigPlanet – and showed demos of some key new games.

Of course, this won't make a jot of difference to your views if you're a hardcore Xbox 360 or Wii fanboy. But for the floating voters who've yet to decide on a next-gen console – or who've got a Wii and are wondering whether to become a two-console household – Harrison's keynote has spurred some serious pondering on whether to pre-order a PS3.

If you're in that situation, here's ten ways to rationalise shelling out £425 –

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CyberSentinel5061d ago (Edited 5061d ago )

You have lots of money, and you are not intelligent enough to know what to do with it.

Blind and Dumb Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

True Gamer5061d ago

Same thing could be said about you.

Blind and Dumb Lemmings, Microsoft Loves You.

There are Sony trolls but there are also Microsoft trolls.

Bathyj5061d ago (Edited 5061d ago )

We're intelligent enough to know anyone who hates a console because of some silly schoolboy crush on another console is going to miss alot of good games. Admit it, every console has good games, even Wii, eventually. If hate is denying you the chance to play them, then I feel sorry for you.

I'm sorry, but if you only care about one machine you shouldn't call yourself a gamer.

As for the article, those are good reasons but I dont really have to "Rationalise" getting a PS3. Everyone's making out like its like getting a morgage or donating a kidney. A couple hundred bucks extra is not a big deal and if it is you're in the wrong hobby. Stamps, marbles or baseball cards might be more up your alley. We spend thousands of dollars a year on games and worry about $100 or $200 for the console itself. Kinda backward thinking. How about the fact Sony titles are $AU100 while X360 are $AU120. Thats like getting a free game for every 5 I buy. Does an Xbot ever bring that up when discussing price. I'm also a movie nut and BR is looking good to me. People keep saying only about 10% of people have HDTV's but that number is rising. 90% of TV's sold today are HD and I bet out of all the gamers here the number is probably close to 50% or more. If you dont have one yet I bet you've been thinking about it. And its not just for PS3 (common misconception. "Wah I have to buy an HDTV now to get the most from it."). Well of course you do. The same is true for Xbox. Who wants a lousy 480i CRT when you have a next gen console. The Boss is giving me dirty looks, I better get back to work.

9 more sleeps to go. Only 7 if I stay up all weekend.

Tut5061d ago

Says the person who sports an avatar of an Erudite from Everquest. Wait, who runs that game again?

Hypocrisy is a wonderful thing. /sarcasm off

*Answer to above question: SCEA (a.k.a. Sony)

CyberSentinel5061d ago

If you know your EQ history, Sony did not make EQ, They bought it from Verant Interactive. Speaking of avatars, with a name like "Tut" (famous male figure in history)and an avatar of a women, which is it? Are you a man or a woman? Do you even know what you are?

Tut5060d ago

That was the saddest comeback I have ever heard. Perhaps I should put a ripped male figure to accent my "manliness" right? I am very sure of what I am.

If you know anything about your history Verant Interactive was not purchased by Sony, it was the games portion of Sony until it decided to split divisions with PC MMORPG's and console games. It was called a few other things before that like SISA, but Verant has always been an internal part of SOE, never another entity NOT owned by it. Even so it doesn't change the fact that SONY is the sole owner and operator of that game, so it still makes you a hypocrite.

Get your facts straight before you decide to try and look cool.

CyberSentinel5057d ago

Veriant Interactive was no longer a part of 989 when they developed EQ.
Your logic makes as much sense as someone hating on Microsoft because they made/make Halo. Microsoft Bought Bungie, just like Sony Bought EQ.
Don't believe me? Look it up.

Blind Lemmings, When Will They Learn ;-/

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MaximusPrime5061d ago

i already sold my xbox360 and earned a great deal of money.

Enough to buy an awesome PS3

lilwingman5061d ago

As a movie buff as well as gamer, the Blu-ray player alone is enough of a selling point for me. Add in Sony's vast library (of released AND upcoming games) and I'm sold :)

PS360WII5061d ago

#11 should really be #1. Playstation name. You know they are in the long haul and will show why they have been in the buisness long enough to launch 3 consoles.

techie5061d ago

Games. A wide selection of genres of games. Heavenly Sword please.

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