New Spider-Man 3 Trailer

New Spidey gameplay with subways & sewers

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SlyDark Star4629d ago

The graphics aren't groundbreaking but if it's as fun as the last one im already sold, can't wait to start swinging around NYC again :]

IPlayGames4628d ago

Yea didnt look really next-gen

PS360PCROCKS4628d ago

Yeah but it's also kind of a bad video, it's pretty dark, I think it will look better than you think. But that's awesome, I can't wait to don the black suit and than brawl with Venom. Venom is the coolest damn character, Spiderman 2 was an awesome game so this game definetly has the gameplay down which is what matters most. But this kind of irritates me how their hyping sewers and subways like their adding it to make the game better for you. Their only adding them because the movie takes place in those settings so they had to implement them.

sak5004628d ago (Edited 4628d ago )

Are these from next gen consoles or from PS2/PSP/Wii? No lightning/shadow effects. I hope the gameplay is better to compensate for bland gfx.

PS: anyway we can get to know whose voting to reduce the bubbles? I'd like to see the idiots fanbois names.

PS360PCROCKS4628d ago

Oh yea man I don't know, my bubbles go from like 5-8 all the time, like randomly I get on yesterday and I have 7 and than I get on today and I have six...I dont know if its the site or people who just think it's ok to take bubbles...because I sure as hell dont take anyones bubbles and I award them for good comments made. and I never bash anyone so I have never earned my bubbles to be taken away

Robotz Rule4627d ago

It's probably gameplay from the wii version,worst graphics ever,no way that's next-gen ps3 or xbox 360(wii is last-gen)!