GDC Aftermath: PSU chats with Cliffy B

After Epic Games' Expose event at GDC this week, PSU bumped into Cliffy B., lead designer of Gears of War.

To sum up the conversation, Cliff sounded very excited for PlayStation Home and liked the whole Phil Harrison keynote in general. When asked if he was currently working on anything new, he purely stated, "Yes, but I can't really say anything about it now." We can only guess it's the sequel to Gears of War.

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NoUseMerc4239d ago

It was so cool to meet Cliffy in person. Kinda like meeting a Celebrity or something. I remember I was talking with my fellow colleges asking, "well...should I go over there and talk to him."

hahaha. Anyways, Cliff is a really cool guy and he confirmed he is already working on a new next gen project althoug he couldnt say what. We can only guess its Gears of War 2.

Gamer luv4239d ago

"We can only guess its Gears of War 2"

We can only hope... but id say it was likely.

timmyp534239d ago

if you are.. kool.. Not everyone is a fanboy ..its kool you can put stuff like that aside and talk to to good game developers no matter who they are.

NoUseMerc4239d ago

Yeah I work for I am PR and Senior Journalist along with Media Manager.