Sony goes back to school

Teachers have traditionally not been keen on students bringing handhelds or games into the classroom, but a new initiative supported by Sony aims to change that. At a "PSP in Education National Launch" event held today at its '3Rooms' brand space in London, Sony Computer Entertainment UK's managing director, Ray Maguire, introduced a project organised by ConnectED that sees the PlayStation Portable being used in schools as a learning tool.

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PS360WII4264d ago

Kind of funny that Japan is using the DS in thier school rooms already for a few months now. Ah well least PSP is trying to follow suit

DEIx15x84264d ago

This seems a bit like a waste. Why use a PSP to play videos? How do these videos get onto the PSPs? What teacher is gonna spend an hour copying a video to 30 memory cards? Why not spend the money to get laptops which are more beneficial and allow the students to do the meaningless work in seconds and still do more.

Dreyals4264d ago

would just give my son another excuse to play video games another 8 hours in the day. Bad idea in my opinion.