Lots of Cheap Game Deals at

wildnuts02 of CheapAssGamer writes:

"Newegg has a ton of super cheap deals with free shipping. Check out the full list..."

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astrobrights5199d ago

How is this not spam? This is simply an article that is nothing more than a few affiliate links to newegg products.

JustinSaneV25199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

As I stated in our PM conversation:

"Sites like CAG like to be compensated for their work in helping others find good deals."

If it bothers you that much just remove the referral section of the URL. Problem solved.

For others to reference:

"OK, These are deals that "Most" gamers will want to know about. The decsion has been made that linking directly to a "Retailer" such as Amazon or Toys R Us is Spam, But sites like CheapAssGamer that report on VideoGame deals are acceptable. If you still don't believe this should be on N4G that is your choice but please don't report these types of stories as "Spam" any longer


ChozenWoan5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

Well it is time sensitive game related news. Just so long as the site doesn't get bogged down with ads every other article then I see no problem. Although a link to the original posting would have saved me an extra min but ohh well.

The list of games is long, but most of the games on there are games I still don't plan to buy... even at $5.

Here is a link to the forum post with a full list of the games that are on sale.

JustinSaneV25199d ago

@ ChoazenWoan:

That is not possible as the list is part of a forum post and N4G rules state that forum posts are not allowed unless made by and industry professional.

Theoneneo815199d ago

i was browsing newegg the other day they have killzone 2 and the show for psp 5 bucks less and free shipping cant beat that.

II Necroplasm II5199d ago

Yeah Newegg is awesome most things are free shipping. Very good deals too, I got me an HDMI cable from there and it was only 9 bucks when at the store it would be like $32.

II Necroplasm II5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

PROS: Very nice. Nice and crisp I could have not gottin a better deal anywhere else!! Extremely fast shipping thanks egg!

CONS: none

Other Thoughts: Newegg rocks!

mperdomo5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

I bought the Resident evil 5 collectors edition for $80 free shiping and no tax, and it usually delivers the product the next day :D