EGM Live 03/12/07

For all the latest news and views in gaming from the EGM team (including an interview with Too Human dev Denis Dayack), hit jump.

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power of Green 4264d ago

Can't wait to see what this God of War with his Heavenly Sword will do for Next-gen gaming.

Silver3604264d ago

He is saying that game companies will start pulling back on their previews for games to magazines because of the Too Human preview. That other studios read the review and saw Too Human and were shocked at how bad the review was. He is pissed at that EGM review.

coxyefc4264d ago

Denis Dayack is great for the gaming industry

DaTrooF4264d ago

i hope they reach their goals.just watchout for god of war 3,or heavenly sword 2(hopefully).

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