Bullet Witch (XBox 360) Review

(Quote From Review) "On a purely conceptual basis, Bullet Witch is a brilliant idea. You have a hot, long-legged emo girl wearing skin tight clothing with a massive gun in the shape of a broom. Place her in a post-apocalyptic world with a palette of demons to eradicate and throw in destructible environments and graphic-intensive spells for good measure. Unfortunately, even with these great ideas you still have to have a solid game play mechanic, which, is where this game ultimately misses the mark and ends up being just another ho-hum action title."

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PS360WII4637d ago

While playing it I couldn't help but think Blood Omen 2. Controls were good and the spells worked out well (except for this stupid rose spike thing) But all around good addition. Won't win any awards but it's nice to see a game for only 50 bones on 360

Rooted_Dust4637d ago

Was I the only one expecting this? It's going to be just like last generation. 360 will have a few Super Smash Hits and a million mediocre games.

power of Green 4636d ago

LOL as if the Xbox ratio is the only console that fall under your opinions, it's a very open platform not a AAA exclusve/only console. Xbox has little games compared to it competitions library, we're talking thousands of wacky sub par sh*t titles with a handful of AAA vs hundreds of what you call mediocre games with a few AAA titles. As of right know Games are scoring higher with the Xbox so just rethink your poo.