EGM: Moore on 360 and its successor

In a recent interview with EGM, Peter Moore gave some insight on the future of Microsoft's next console. He stated that the production team for the 360 is currently working on its successor, and are looking at what kind of computing power will be available around 2011 and 2012. That puts the lifespan of the 360 somewhere between 6 to 7 years, which is certainly better than the original Xbox's 4 years.

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Contra264263d ago

Xbox 360 is the best there ever is...ever was... and ever will be....

Just imagine the new system after the 360.
wow... just wow

True Gamer4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

''Xbox 360 is the best there ever is...ever was... and ever will be....'' -Contra26

You can see the future?

GaMr-4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Captain Obvious:

" I think Contra26 is a xbox fanboy"

TheMART4263d ago

Captain Obvious:

"And I think Gamr and True Gamer are PS3 fanboys"

True Gamer4263d ago

Stay on topic.

I didn't even mention the PS3 in my post. So what made you believe that I was a PS3 fanboy?

2 bubbles down, 3 to go!

dantesparda4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Is a super-duper-fanboy! he is such a fanboy/defender, that he's not only a fanboy, but pratically a spokesperson, a PR guy

Saber4262d ago

Actually... Dreamcast is the best there ever is...ever was... and ever will be.... unfortunately there wasn't a Dreamcast 2.

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Jakens4263d ago

I think Epic will release the Unreal Engine 4 around 2011. I look forward to the next Xbox and Playstation.

super bill4263d ago

i completely agree with you contra.especally microsoft and bill gates beening the riches man in the console world should be good.i think sony mite be struggling in the future if they don,t go bust by then.

ben hates you4263d ago

be about graphics because they will just plain be real the only thing will be the price and online and games

BIadestarX4263d ago

I know this goes against all fanboys believes. But with the expertice Microsoft has on the software side and the years of experience Sony has on the hardware side. Why don't they join forces and make the ultimate console and call it a day! It can only benefit the consumer.

GaMr-4263d ago

Then its gunna cost 9.6 billion dollars plus your left arm,first born child, left nut and your girlfriend for a week. And who is going to oppose them....Nintendo and their super powerfull Wii or Maybe Sega will make a comeback and sabotage the new console with one of those shytty Sonic remakes.... My point is nothing can ever work like that. Competition helps keep balance. If their was no xbox360 I garuntee you PS3 would probably be an additional 2 hundred dollars more expensive. You think SOny is taking a loss because they want to ... Hellz no. (GENERAL STATEMENT)Companies are ruthless and the sooner consumers figure this out the sooner people will stop blinding followin brands and support what works for your, preference,needs and lifestyle and more importantly your "pocket".

Blade: im not calling you out. I just chose to speak of terms of your comment.

PS360PCROCKS4263d ago

Great post your dead on and for that you get positive feedback my friend.

Dreyals4262d ago

That was one of the smartest posts I have seen yet. Hell look at the PC side of the house. The Viao uses MS Windows and has Blu-Ray player built in on some models. Doesn't this mean that Windows has to have hardware support for it built in? Good post Bladestar

mang4262d ago

Gamr gets a positive.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4262d ago

Thats kinda ironic comming from you GAMR, no not ironic that I think just has to be the stupidest thing you have ever typed on this website.

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