Final Fantasy Tactics PSP Box, Flyers, & Scans

A new look at the soon to be released Japanese version of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP.

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PS360WII4327d ago

Okay first I know it's still yet another port to PSP. I know it's over 10 years old. I do know however that this game for the ps1 rocked the house!! The gba version left a little sour spot on me so I do hope they do good with the sequal to it on DS, but this here is a good old port and will be wonderfull ^^

IPlayGames4327d ago

Why has it taken them so long to put FF game on psp?

BIadestarX4327d ago

Finally a game worth buying for the PSP.

jpod4327d ago

Classic game with new jobs equals win-win. Only if I had a PSP. I loved this game, and with the remake on PSP it's gonna be good.