Wii Accessory Overload

Boxing gloves, tennis rackets, and more.

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gta_cb4629d ago

before any of you think i am slagging the Nintendo Wii i'm not, i cant because i havnt played it and i like the motion controlers. but it does seem like there putting more effort into making custom controlers. If the XBox 360 had all different controlers etc just like the wireless steering wheel + pedals then i wouldnt buy them because i would rather spend more money on my XBox 360 games.

... dont you agree?

OldSchoolGamer4629d ago

for the original NES. These accessories made games worth getting because of the accessories. Now, on that same note some accessories have died because of lack of games developed for them. If games come out for all this stuff that work well with them, Nintendo will hit it big, since the majority of console revenue is from accessories and replacement components, not the consoles themselves (which usually lose money). This is also the reason you see cheap controllers that break, bad wires, ect. because having to replace them or battery packs really pads a companies bottom line. Nintendo is going straight for the dough this round. Squandering spending, using old technology (come on not even 720p in this puppy), and going for innovation in the money maker (controllers)! Dirty, but shear genius.

anthonsh4629d ago

Anything for a buck. Some people go for this type of thing. If someone is making money at it, who cares?

I mean, if Wii golf, or Tiger Woods is your favorite game, for some people that means they want the strategy guide, and a fake golf end, and anything else they can get their hands on.

scarlett_rg4629d ago

None of these accessories are actually made by Nintendo. They're all made by 3rd parties hoping to make some money from the Wii phenom.

And just for the record, Nintendo does not make cheap controllers (or accessories) in hopes to profit by selling replacements. They are always top-quality, and I have yet to replace a single Official Nintendo product (including consoles) after millions of hours of play over the past 20 years.

I do agree however that this 3rd party rubbish is cheap in quality. If you want something to last, then stick with Nintendo-made products. If you want some cheap gimmick, buy some of this junk.

Maddens Raiders4628d ago

are entirely ridiculous. Just more crap for kids to throw on the "broken toys" pile in the corner of the room. I'll agree that original Ninty products are well made (which these most certainly are not), but they should focus on a more powerful machine than all of these collectibles and trinkets. At least an upgraded version for the connoisseurs, no? Too harsh? ^_~

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