Microwave Science: Xbox 360

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is a decent gaming console, i only use it for Halo and Geometry Wars, and it plays both those games perfectly. However, the 360's have a failure rate of alot. Mike's Xbox broke over January, but not an RRoD, just high-def video out, which everyone agrees, renders the Xbox useless. Instead of sending it in to get fixed, and paying an absurd amount of money, he decided to let me microwave it.

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villevalorox5614d ago

lol they dont need a microwave for it to fire up.

5614d ago
rucky5614d ago (Edited 5614d ago )

uh yeah like that's actually a good thing to brag about.

"Oh yeah at least my 360 can fit in my microwave just fine."

EDIT: Stealth edit, but don't worry I still have your initial retarded comment

1.1 - At least it can fit in the microwave
The PS3 microwave video, the PS3 took up the entire space inside.

swiftshot935614d ago

lol rucky did he really say that? LMAO. I'm really dying of laughter ROFL

5614d ago
commodore645613d ago

lol yeah is funny how rucky is trying to downplay the behemoth bulk of the ps3 that didn't fit into the microwave.

Still, the ps3 burned nicely... like it should, with all that hot air inside it.....


Narutone665613d ago

So PP you got another account?

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Cajun Chicken5614d ago

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Parapraxis5614d ago

I approved this article, on the basis of equality.

XxZxX5614d ago

Why do they need microwave when XBOX 360 can cook better than microwave.

Spike475614d ago

and gets passed on as "news". The real point is to stir things up and start flame wars.

pixelsword5614d ago

...if my 360 didn't break today.


Sarcasm5614d ago

And you didn't need a microwave.