Lazard: Sony The 'Comeback Story' Of GDC

Following its announcements at last week's Game Developers Conference, Lazard's Colin Sebastian says Sony was the "comeback story" with the announcement of Home and the introduction of further PS3 development tools and technologies.

"While concerns over demand for next-generation hardware have overshadowed the initial ramp in sales of Sony's PS3 since November," said Sebastian, "we note that attendees of the annual Game Developers Conference last week were generally focused on future industry growth drivers, including a robust pipeline of next-generation software across multiple console, handheld and PC platforms, and emerging revenue streams such as online, mobile and advertising."

That was particularly true for Sony, Lazard's "comeback story," with Home and Sony's PS3 development tools generating "significant interest" from the development community.

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DJ4264d ago

Sony's future looks a lot brighter now that they've laid out plans for the most sophisticated online environment yet, as well started delivering on their promise of Community and Creation (i.e. LBP). Can't wait to see their other surprises for E3 07.

darkvenom4264d ago

is just the begenning of a bright future for Sony and PS3 owners.good times!

sajj3164264d ago

I'd drop a bombshell on the week of the Euro PS3 launch. What that bombshell is ... I don't know. Only Sony knows whats cooking in the oven but it sure smells good.

momentum = mass*velocity

Sony is picking up the velocity, it just needs a whopper of an announcement to justify the euro price

Islandkiwi4264d ago

The bottom line is Sony has shown pretty pictures before. Until it hits the ps3, I'll remain skeptical.

If they produce what they promise, more power to them.

cuco334264d ago

i'm sorry... home is not mind boggling. it'll get tiring really quick for non sims/second life fans. i think it's great but not a killer app that will pave the future for PSN. i'm not into virtual worlds plagued with advertisements and microtransactions for virtual gear. as for LBP, yeah i'll give them that. looks to be something worthy of a fun side scroller fans

it was expected sony would cover their wounds at gdc but i wouldn't say they made a comeback. c'mon sony, where's the MUST own app/game that will make people WANT a ps3?! make me want it like i wanted psone and ps2!

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