Valve:Is MS in for the long run or just to promote Vista ? reports:
While defending the strengths of the PC market, Half-Life 2 developer Valve has questioned Microsoft's Games for Windows push.

"Right now it seems like it's part of the marketing push to help Vista," commented Doug Lombardi, marketing manager at Valve, in an exclusive interview for

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THWIP4636d ago

MS has been backing PC gaming from the beginning, REGARDLESS of any new versions of Windows, so why does he think Vista will be any different? MS wants the PC and 360 to grow TO-GE-THER, hence the cross-development, and 'LIVE Anywhere' strategy. These PC-centric devs, like Valve and Crytek need to get off their f*cking high horse, and realize they wouldn't EXIST without MS's support.
Besides, VALVE will sell far more copies of HL2:E2 on the 360/PS3, than they could ever hope to sell for just PC.

Rooted_Dust4636d ago

Where were your consoles when Valve sold 14 million copies of Half Life and Half Life 2 combined, all for the PC. Wow PC is really hurting :P PC gaming is growing not shrinking. Consoles are just the louder younger sibbling. PC is the only place to get the latest and greatest.

Lucidmantra4636d ago

Agree Valve and many many console games cut their rteeth and made the many millions it takes to be a strong contender on the PC gaming front. PC gaming will be there just as long as consoles will. Consoles get alot of press but trust me... PC's turn a very pretty penny for all these companies also.

Funky Town_TX4636d ago

using the PS3 to push Blu-ray. If I spent billions of dollars on anything I would try my best to push it. Just like Sony and M$ are doing. It is called business. For some reason we (gamers) expect M$ to be our friends. WTF, it is a business. Bill Gates did not get 50 billion by giving away sh8t.

achira4636d ago

yeah, thats true, i have vista already, and i must say its better than i thought, but xp was already perfect, so there is no reason to push another os, i think its is not fair if games are vista bound, xp users must be taken into account.

grifter0244636d ago

Umm half life came out a long long longe time ago... I think the n64?? Playstation 1??? Soo ya ... Half life 2.... umm did you count the people that bought it on the xbox as well??? There are already a lot of games that have passed that number dude... Plus how long did it take to make it to 14 mil????? "The Latest and Greatest"????? of what??? RTS,???? Thats all the games on pc's RTS I mean besides that its FPS.... Vista and the whole Gaming together on the x360 I think saved the pc.. The pc was already going down and this saved it.... the "Louder Younger sibling" I know that it's younger but how is it louder?? Plus gaming machines are getting all the ports from the pc except a select few...

Black Republican4636d ago

Windows Vista is the next mellinium
Windows Vienna is coming out in about 2-3 years anyway

BIadestarX4636d ago

This guy is just scared since now they will have more competition. I mean valve don't have to worry about marketting since they are pretty much out there. But how many good games are released that many of us don't even know about unless it comes from big publishers?
How is this initiative from microsoft hurting current PC games?
Just because is game of windows does not mean it only works for windows vista. Most of those games if not all also work for xp and even 2000. This is prety much giving other publishers to expose their games easier.

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