Gamedaily: Retro Rewind: Then and Now: WWE

Gamedaily writes: "Whatcha gonna do when new video game consoles run wild on you!?!

Before THQ body slams us with its upcoming Legends of WrestleMania video game (set to release March 24th for Xbox 360 and PS3), we fired up some old school WWE (or make that WWF) games to see how they compare to today's beefier offerings."

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Wurider3876d ago

WWE:Legends sucks. With all the fancy graphics and technology they still can't make a game as fun as No Mercy. Matter of fact I just played it last night in my N64. Why can't they just copy the gameplay!!!

darthv723876d ago

I really liked the arcade style of both wrestlefest and wrestlemania. Sega had a good one with wrestle war. Nothing beats the old school pro wrestling on the nes though.

Starman ftw!!!