Rumor: No Denying It, PSP2 Is Coming

And not only that, it looks like it's coming later this year. There have been rumors ever since the DS Lite hit that Sony was also planning a redesign of its portable.

Word has it that a big announcement will most likely hit at E3 with Sony unveiling the redesigned portable. An announcement of launch date (which should be sometime 4th quarter) is entirely possible as well. The redesigned product apparently does exist as this is what we've heard so far:

The screen is gorgeous
The loads are faster
Improved buttons
Internal flash - 8GB
Possible touch-screen
Possible built-in camera
Uses UMD

Stay tuned.

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specialguest4629d ago

I hope the improved buttons means a second analog nub.

PS3Wii4629d ago

I hope it has at least an 8Gig HD, 2nd thumbstick, and I wouldn't mind a touch screen or built in camera!

The real question will be the price.

fury4629d ago

...all i hear is rumors, but they are NOT true. Sony won't release a redesigned PSP, believe.

StrboyM4629d ago

with a bad price. its a bad idea.

I do think they will redesign it though. and i thing one feature you can bet on is tilt control.. it would coincide with development of games that could kinda cross platform from bigga bruda PS3. and it could double as a controller if made correctly.

fury4629d ago

So why in hell should they release such a pimped PSP? It would cost twice as much, and the sales would halve, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.