Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam now on Sony Wii

Tony Hawk's presence is so strong in the gaming world that he even has titles available for imaginary consoles! Tucked away in the lower right corner of is an image promoting the latest game, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. It's available for -- brace yourself -- Sony Wii.

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power0919994628d ago

Already pre-ordered my PSWii .... console wars are over.

True Gamer4628d ago (Edited 4628d ago )

PS2 = Wii

''Many of the games are all being ported from one to the other anyway.''

The difference is that Sony is charging $130 for the PS2 and Nintendo is charging $250 for the Gamecube with the new remote yet it still can't play DVD's like the PS2.

Nintendo Wii described in Two words:


ImTheNumber124628d ago

I didn't know you also went by the name IslandLife. That's pretty clever stealing other people's comments and using them as your own. And with that said, you stealing other peoples stuff kind of reminds me of something...

True Gamer=Sony

True Gamer4628d ago (Edited 4628d ago )

You caught me, I'm Sony, yep... its true {extreme use of sarcasm}.

Did you skip school today, lol, kids.

BTW, I agreed almost completely with the comment Islandlife made and added quotes to you have a problem with that?

ImTheNumber124628d ago

I just assumed that most people spoke their own opinions on this site. You looked at the source of this story, saw a comment that you didn't think anyone on here would read, and rather than making up your own contribution to this you took that comment, even used the same title, and acted like it was your own original joke. I called you out on it, cause it was lame. Oh, and those quotes were added after the fact that I called you out. Anyways, the Wii is a game console not a DVD player. How much do DVD players cost? $30? You could get a Wii and a DVD player for cheaper than a 360 or PS3. My Zune cost $250 and that doesn't play DVDs. I probably wouldn't have said anything if I agreed with what you wrote, but I didn't...and then I saw that you didn't even write all of it.

Call me a kid all you want, at least I don't "lol" at my own insults.

True Gamer4628d ago (Edited 4628d ago )

I saw the comment and strongly agreed with it so I added quotes to it and used it. Anyone is allowed to do that.

I think the Wii is overpriced, Nintendo is making money from it from day 1. Sony and Microsoft both launched their consoles at a loss so that the consumer could have a better deal.

I'm just keeping it real.

Don't need the Nintendo Fanboys to get mad at me, I was once a Nintendo Fan myself. Not anymore.

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Sphinx4628d ago

I don't think the Wii is a rip-off for everyone. I don't particularly like it a whole bunch, but my wife loves it. So does my brother's wife... so does my mother-in-law, and my parents, and my father-in-law, and my sister-in-law, and her Canadian boyfriend who I swear is gay but still kisses all over her, and my neighbors like it, etc. I think it is a gaming system for people who normally wouldn't play video games. You don't have to like it, I don't have to like it, but enough people like it, obviously, and for $250, I wouldn't say it is a rip-off... for God's sake, the PSP is the same price.

ChickeyCantor4628d ago (Edited 4628d ago )

now you mention it, the PSP is the price of a Wii.......PSP is way overpriced!

@true gamer
ImTheNumber12 is just saying:HYPOCRITE

Odiah4628d ago

True Gamer is quite immature, am I right guys?

ChickeyCantor4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

@True Gamer
you said: I think the Wii is overpriced, Nintendo is making money from it from day 1. Sony and Microsoft both launched their consoles at a loss so that the consumer could have a better deal."

so? when a company makes money from day one its wrong?