Sorry, Your XBOX 360 Isn't The Right Kind Of Broken

Meg Marco Writes - By now, most people know about the dreaded Red Ring of Death issue on the XBOX 360 - and the accompanying 3 year warranty. What many do not know is that that 3 year warranty only covers the "3 red lights" issue. If you get any other error code, you're out of luck.

Reader Matthew just found out about this the hard way

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Mr_Potato_4656d ago

Another example of Microsoft greed. But the xbots like it in the a$$, so it won't matter they'll pay as usual.

Go on sucking Ballmer's balls he likes 12 year old sheep like you.

No Way4656d ago

It sounds like you're upset.. Did he turn you down? =(

sennasnit4655d ago

If you read the comments below the story, this is why M$ claims to have sold 28 million, 4 or 5 of the comments suggest buying an arcade 360 and adding their existing HDD to it, i bet the real sales are half what M$ say, they've all bought 2 or 3 consoles, what a joke...

IdleLeeSiuLung4656d ago

I don't know much about how internal hardware reports errors, but do you think MS could start changing the hardware to report a three light RROD as a one or two light instead?

I guess somebody would probably eventually figure it out though....

militant074656d ago

doing that will get Microsoft in big big trouble

i think they aware of that, so its wont happen

4656d ago
SpoonyRedMage4656d ago

There's my issue right there, your 360 broke and it had nothing to do with the RRoD and then you kicked it! to try and make it get the red lights and then lied. This is why the RRoD is overblown and nowhere near as bad as people say.

Jinxstar4656d ago

i'm really starting to think MS does it on purpose. It seems that a ton of 360 owners just keep buying replacements instead of just getting a decent PC upgrade or a PS3... or both...

crazypuppet4656d ago (Edited 4656d ago )

This isnt strange at all, in fact a 1 year warranty is the standard. The only reason the warranty was extended to 3 years for rrod was because it was so wide spread.

scruffie14656d ago (Edited 4656d ago )

@ Jinxstar

why would MS do this on purpose when they have already announced that its costed multi millions or a billions to rectify and at the same time losing all credibility for the RROD?

plus when you send off your machine you don't receive a brand new packaged 360 its either the same machine (check serial number) or its an old reconditioned one. this has nothing to do with sales when MS are losing money from it.

slak4656d ago

if this is BS but my 360 got one red light ones and it was covered pay for me

BiG_LU4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

I don't really know if cover other issues but at least me I'm save cuz I bought mine at best buy and I'm in the 3th one and my BB warranty always cover any issue and they always give me a new one but I always ask myself if they count those xbox360 as a sale cuz if is like that well I can see how MS is always on top in sales compare with sony lol

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ultimatek14656d ago

Use adhesive tape and close the x360 ventilation system, sooner or later will blow a chip or capacitor, then u will get the 3 red lights.

LTC4656d ago

I think he is just annoyed from seeing how stupid xbots can be. I bet they swallow also.

militant074656d ago

the best way to prevent RROD is installing game.

try it
play installed game for 2hrs then put your hand on the back and see how is it (mostly pretty cold air coming out)

and without installing the game it will get much hotter.

if you don't believe me , go and try it

SSJSubgeta4656d ago

Due to the very strange way they manufactured these units. All have the possibility of giving some type of error code, be it 1, 2 or 3 red lights. It's a draw of luck if you get it or not.

LCF4656d ago

One of the reasons for the RROD is because some games are very graphic intensive and heat up the GPU in the X360. After the GPU cools down the cheap solder becomes brittle. The only way to prevent any damage is not turn it on or play a non demanding game. I'm surprised that us gamers put up with this.

Microsoft should of never made their own GPU chipset for the X360. In my opinion, I think microsoft should just stick with software development. Let some other company make consoles. Maybe let Sega have a crack at it again. Hell, maybe have Ford motor company make consoles, I bet they be more reliable than the X360. Again we gamers should never put up this.