Only 1 in 8 PS2 Games Will Be Playable On PS3 For Europe Buyers.

Already disappointed with the high retail price of the upcoming Sony PS3, consumers in the UK and the rest of Europe will not be able to play many of their existing PS2 games on the new console.

US and Japanese versions of the PS3 include a chip known as the 'Emotion Chip' which allows backward compatibility with almost all PS2 games. The removal of this chip in UK and European versions of the games console mean that only 1 in 8 PS2 games will be playable on the PS3.

Sony have stated that the removal of the chip for Europe will allow greater flexibility for newer games on the PS3 in the future, "Rather than concentrate on PS2 backwards compatibility, company resources will be increasingly focused on developing games and entertainment features exclusively for PS3 in the future, truly taking advantage of this exciting technology."

Gamers are furious at what they perceive as blatant exploitation, "Here we go again. Time to rip off Europe. I just hope that most kids and their parents don't fall for this blatant extortion on the part of Sony and stick with their PS2s or go Xbox unless Sony offer the same features for Europe as the US."

The list of compatible PS2 games for the PS3 will not be known until the new console is launched on the 23rd March.

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techie4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

Oh why are they going around saying this? They have no idea. There have only been 2300 ps2 games released in that's 1in2 not 1in8.

Bladestar. I would criticise any article that clearly misunderstands the case. You do know that only 1500 ps2 games were released in the states? So this 1in8 is pretty unaccurate. That's why I comment on it and would do the same for any uninformed article. I was annoyed about BC in Europe but upon reading around it and seeing that over 1000 games out of 2500 games would be supported...then it is not as good as 98% but it is certainly not 1in8.

Also I would like to forward you all to this post and look at how mortified I was.

I sobered up and was happy to see the 1000 titles supported and then had a look at how many ps2 games there actually were and were surprised to find the numbers above...that's why I am more optimistic and why this article is bull. It took me a while to level my head, but I think I did. Still waiting to see what titles though

BIadestarX4627d ago

deepbrown, you are quicly turning from a unbias gamers with logical comments into one that's not. Is there anything that Sony can do wrong now in days? "ps1 games" yeah, lots of of can't wait to play them.

OutpostCommand4627d ago

I agree-
a site never heard of is probably just trying to get quick publicity.

Bladestar -
its not DeepBrown that is turning into a fanboy;
its you. For some reason in your opinion, you cant like the PS3 and still be unbiased.
Please, cut down on the pathetic fanboyism.

A bad article is a bad article,
no matter what its trying to say.

OldSchoolGamer4627d ago

Will 1,000 games be backward compatible at launch? For now, based on this round from Sony, I'm taking the Missouri approach (Show me). Until I see it with my own eyes I'm holding back on judgement. Now, 1 in 8 sounds a bit low. Is it true, I guess we'll have to wait and see. They may know something we don't. They may be completely wrong but you can't say for sure at this point. I can understand the sentiment. If someone asked me to buy something that is more expensive and does less than the same product elsewhere, then I guess its time to import.

As for Deep Brown, your impartiality comes into question when on your main gamer page you are trying to get people to fall into a scam website for a free PS3. lol

techie4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

My friend this source has gained its information from another article that said 1in8 based on 8000 titles by adding up 4500 released in Asia, 1300 in the US and 2400 in already you can see that they have miscalculated. If it is a 1000 titles at launch then it is more like 1in2 games compatible.

That's just write that again so it's clearer

Harrison has said that they hope to get more than 1000 ps2 titles working for launch.

only a 1000? How many ps2 games have there been you ask? 1400 released in the states, 2500 in europe and 4500 in Asia.

So that's 2/3 for the US, 2/5 for Europe and 1/4 for Asia. NOT 1/8. Also all ps1 games are playable which brings the percentage upto aroun 4/5 BC for Europe... Lets just hope they get that 1000 or more and that they are the games we want to play - and that they are of the games that have ben released in Europe. We don;t have long to wait to find out...

Me trying to get people to sign up to a scam? I'm afraid young sir it is not a scam. It is completely legitmate. I myself signed up for a free trial with a film site and cancelled it 5 days later. These free sites make their many by companies paying them...over 100,000 ipods were sent out free in the UK alone. And I'm bias because I'm trying to get people a FREE ps3 so they don't have to pay the crazy £425 price? Yuh right. lol I'm sure you'd like one for free, so you could sell it on ebay (if you could get anything for it).

OldSchoolGamer4627d ago

They may send you one, after you get 14 friends on a list, and who knows maybe you won't get spam till you get grey and old. I will call you biased based on your comments and you continually prove my point. You rabidly defend the PS3 from any constructive criticism (including price) and you just go and say the European price is crazy. These offers exist for the Wii, DS, PSP, and Xbox 360 (although I may be wrong and feel free to reply, but involve joining a service like columbia music house, applying for mortgages, ect.), and I was curious how come those systems are not listed as ways to get free as well. Hmm, maybe I get the fan-boy vibe from your posting and approvals. Seems the only articles I see you spending heavy time in are PS3 related, I also checked your submitted article list. Now I did see about 4 not related to the PS3 or Home, and well the other 41 are. Then, I check on articles you reject and approve and 90% of the time if its not PS3 based...well you can guess. Lets look at the games on your games channel:
Assassin's Creed (PS3)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)
Afrika (PS3)
Army of Two (PS3)
BioHazard 5 (PS3)
Dark Sector (PS3)
Darkness, The (PS3)
Eight Days (PS3)
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
Heavenly Sword (PS3)
Killing Day (PS3)
L.A. Noire (PS3)
Lair (PS3)
MotorStorm (PS3)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)
Possession (PS3)
Resident Evil 5 (PS3)
WarDevil: Enigma (PS3)
Killzone 2 (PS3)
Uncharted : Drake's Fortune (PS3)
God of War 3 (PS3)
Haze (PS3)
Assassins Creed (PS3)
Now I respect that you don't blatantly flame like most fan boys, but do yourself a favor and admit your a fan boy. Each system has negatives and positives, and should be looked at as such. Its not about console versus console, its about gamers demands, vs developers desire for a quick buck. Take that to heart and do us all some good.

techie4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

I forwarded you to when I can be hyper-critical of the PS3.

I have never defended the price of the ps3 ever. I don't think it's worth £425 by a long shot. That's why I'd prefer to get one for's for ME to get a ps3 for free. I have a 360, and a Wii is affordable. Why would I want to get free ones of them?

Dude there is a difference between a fanboy and a fan. A fanboy is eternally bias and irrational. A fan is optimistic and rational. I defend 360 news. i often don't feel it's my place to comment on 360 news, unless it's about a game I am hyped about...such as Bioshock. If I am interested in the ps3 does that make me a fanboy who screams "owned" - or a fanboy that says that the ps3 is the best system , and the 360 is crap?

I am optimistic about the system and don't feel the need to post something negative about it after I have fully researched it. My opinion about backwards compatibility has been a much changing opinion as you can see from my original posts. And as I intend to buy a ps3 and have lots of ps2 games I researched the deal on this, and know a hell of a lot more than this poor suck in this article.

What makes a fanboy? SOmeone who criticises someone just because they defend something they have researched...and only criticise them because it is for the console they don't prefer. We know you're a 360 hog and don't give a crap about another platform. I for one do and am excited about games on all and certainly won't criticise someone for being optimistic (unless it is verbose aka shadowgamer) but I will if they are being over critical, down right rude, and illogical.

Unlike you OldSchoolGamer I am critical when I need to be and would never criticise a console just because I didn't like it. There is no console that I dislike. I also shiver at some of the comments from Sony and their decisions.

I have bloody well researched this BC issue to death because it is important to me and I felt it was good to actually give an informed opinion rather than all this "HAHA you get screwed" bullsh't. Tell me what you disagree with about my above posts and exactly what your point is in criticising me...because at the moment it feels like some childish whim to get a one up over somebody you don't know on an internet site just so you can feel slightly godly and go to bed with a smile on your face.


OldSchoolGamer4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

First off, for someone who hypocritically preaches using spell check, criticize has a "z" in it.

I have backed, and criticized, every single console when each is justified respectively. I have never once seen you criticize the Sony Playstation 3. You have defended the price repeatedly, and everything a rational person would criticize. I criticize when a console and it's makers irk me. Whether this is Microsoft and having to replace multiple consoles, or shoddy MS components (like headsets), Sony for multiple failing ps2, the mantra that I should buy a PS3 because good games will eventually come, Nintendo for preaching innovation, and having 9 Mario related titles on the to-be-released list. I also praise a console when it does well. I promote repeatedly, the fact that it should not be console versus console, rather it should be gamer's demand versus developers and console maker's desire to make a quick-buck by lying and cutting corners. Gamers deserve the best.

As for a "360 hog", you pathetic child, you make me laugh. I have repeated criticized both systems, and praised both line-ups. Unlike you, I have been playing games a long time. This is not the first console war I have been through with insufferable patience because I know the competition will make both systems better. I have owned Colleco, Nintendo, Game boy, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Turbo Grafx 16(w/cd player), Playstation, Playstation 2, 3DO, Game Cube, Lynx, Xbox, Xbox 360. So, to say I am loyal to a console, or to say I hate a console proves your ignorance. You are not critical especially when it comes to Your Precious.

"Illogical" and ignorant is blindly believing in something and believing that some thing is true when you have proof it is not. Ignorant is being lied to by someone repeatedly and taking their word on faith alone, and not asking for proof. Ringing any bells fan boy. Do some of your aforementioned research fan boy before you make claims against someone much brighter than you.

I have no desire to get "one up on somebody." I don't like frauds, and liars. Portraying neutrality while being a fanboy just got on my nerves. I can't abide frauds you are as bad as those two idiots trying to sound underground, on the PSP-promoting-website, that got busted. At least most fan boys can stand up and say what they think, and while I don't feel this is the place for it, it is more honest than you could ever hope to be.

As for research, your research consists in its entirety of a statement from a Sony spokesman who has told more big ones, than Pinocchio. Yes, wonderful research. I'm sure just like 2 HDMI outputs, the cell will handle PS3 graphics, all games running in 1080p, backwards compatibility being vital to next generation, that 1000 games through emulation will be on the money. Who knows, it could be. If it is, it would be a step towards that thing I have been wanting a long time from Sony, the truth.

Will I get a PS3 most likely, but unlike you, my blind-fan boy, not until I see a REAL reason to, and not simply hype. Until then, will I continue to enjoy my Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation 2? You're Damn Right. You never see me make any statements without doing a little research. So, go back to lying to yourself and pretend your are not a fan boy. If you shiver at their comments, speak up, innitiate truth and change, don't blindly follow and say "may I have another?"

techie4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

This is rich.

I have never defended the £425 price, I beg you to find that. I have never jumped on a band wagon and said "microsoft sucks" - that is what a fanboy would do. I have been hyper critical of Sony and I have once already forwarded to where this is. My optimism has grown in the past few days after GDC but don't label me as being blindly faithful. I wonder if you have read my replies to the wonderful PS3 fan Shadowgamer - where I bashed him for being douche and criticised his overt optimism about Sony - I have also criticised DJ when he says something out of line.

"Unlike you, I have been playing games a long time." - and you know that how? I know that console wars make the competition better! i have continually said that.

Find where I blindly follow anything OldSchoolGamer. Optimism is not following. Critising is not following.

There is nothing bias about my above statements, nor "blindly following". What I have said in my post is based on yes 1000games BC - but that is also what this article is based on...if you didn't realise that. What they failed to realise is how many games have been released in Europe 2500 and not 8000 - that is where my research comes in. Whether I believe mr harrison is not the case here, as I am running from the same evidence as this article, but with more knowledge of the numbers of ps2 games.

I assure my head is more screwed on than you - my area of expertise is actually knowing how to think logically and how to argue well and I am certianly not at the bottom of the pack. Will I get a ps3? Probably - as long as Heavenly Sword is going on it yes I will. it's all about the games for me OldSchoolGamer, but for you sir it's all about the bashing. What you have done is neither big nor clever...for stating my opinion about somethiing that I was mortified about when it was announced and then pointing out that this articles calculations are wrong. I will always be a fan of games, and a fan of Sony's new offering, but I will not be bias or illogical - I will bash those that sound insane or are merely spoiting for no reason. I am not portraying neutrality I am showing my opinion as I always will - if that comes accross as level headed then shame me.

BC is very important to me and I shall remind you of how I felt when the Euopean hardware was announced

"I'm sorry what!? Not fully backwards compatible??? Was I wrong to read that out of it?
If that is the case, I won't be buying a ps3. Sorry they've lost me now.
Backwards compatibility was something I was relying on. First they charge europeans twice as much, then they try to make more savings without giving us the same usage? Talk about getting f****d over. Nah...I'm gone."

So you can see I was pissed off. When an announcement of hoping to get 1000 was announced...I was like OK i suppose that's almost alright. I am still not happy about it - but as both the article and I base our calculations on 1000 - the above article is wrong as there are not 8000 games. That is all I said and what I said was completely true.

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SuperSaiyan44627d ago

Can you blame them? Many loyal Sony fans including gamers that wanted to get a PS3 are subjected to Sony's unfair offering of a very high price and a removal of the emotion engine chip.
Also considering just before launch Japan gets a price cut one must think that in all honest Sony are all in it for themselves and Japan no one else.

It would be an idea to show Sony Europe wont be forced into having to pay such a price and not buy one until they sort themselves out?

I have a 360 and enjoy playing old Xbox classics on it especially since they are upscaled to HD and look really nice. But with the PS3 at present it cannot even upscale old games but once it does and gamers that enjoy such games as Final Fantasy am sure would love to have that work and be upscaled to a HD resolution.

kmis874627d ago

Sony has implied that using emulation instead of the ps2 chipset would allow games to be upscaled. Also, it should make the playing of ps1 game downloads possible now, hopefully.

Bad_Karma4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

I dont know about you guys but i`m buying a PS3 to play PS3 games and personally dont give a $hit about backwards compatibility coz i still have my PS2 even though i cant see it ever getting used again. I know some of you dont want the " 2 consoles under the tv " thing but hey ..are you buying a PS3 to mostly play PS2 games or what it was actually made for ? .

techie4627d ago

I continued to play ps1 games on the Final Fantasy 7. SO it is a great feature. New ps2 games will be coming out for a while...and I know those will be GOW2, Okami, etc

Shrek4627d ago

This s true but I would hope that games coming out on the PS2 in the future would be playable on the PS3. The mkers of the game would program it to this as they do not want to miss out on the market share they could have.

techie4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

I agree completely. Also we have to realise that software emulation was on the cards from the begining...i was reading articles from 2005 saying that the ps3 wouldn't include the ps2 chip and that they were working on software. Now they obv didn't have it upto scratch. But the reason ps3 emulation will be quite good is because they create one piece of software that will be good for lots of games...and so the software that has the most of games compatible will be what will be included in the firmware. They don't have to program for seperate games...for future games they will most likely fit in this and if they don't then they can program it seperately.

That was a whole lot of spiel...but basically the amount of games compatible will increase quite quickly as they improve the software as they don't program seperately for diff games (aka 360) but its one software fits all.

Also I believe that the system will function better without hd upscaling...and actually use all of the cell to do it.

richie007bond4627d ago

This is a fooking JOKE,sony take out the emotion chip to cut costs of the hardware then they fooking still charge this ludicrous £425 for it,i mean WTF do sony take us for MUGs,go to hell sony

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