PS3 HOME Confirmed for October

Sony's recently announced PlayStation Home service will launch in October. The news comes, along with various other morsels of information, from an uncovered Sony Q&A for interested developers and publishers.

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Bigmac5734633d ago

I cannot wait for this!

PS360WII4633d ago

good to have a due date for this one ^^

darx4633d ago


Chagy4633d ago

dam im gonna probely be in iraq in october

Monchichi0254633d ago

Umm, I seriously doubt that. You know how long it's going to take to put that entire infrostructor up and running?!?! Even X-Box Live had to be delayed over a year when it first was announced, and that was BY MICROSOFT!!!
Not to mention that we all know how realible something is when Sony says it. My guess is that we'll have Home by April of next year. How about everyone else, what's your guess??

Lebauski4633d ago

it's a huge task to create such a complex thing as HOME.
I disagree on your "and that was by microsoft". Even if it's the world's biggest software-company... how long did it take for them to create a new browser (and they just added features other browser had for a long time!).
Maybe they're too big... sometimes that slows companies down.

Rooted_Dust4632d ago

Yeah, but you don't know how long they have been working on it already. Because they just announced it doesn't mean they just started working on it last month. This has been in the works, at least planning stages, since PS2.

Marty83704632d ago

Sony have been working on 'Home' for 2 years already.

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The story is too old to be commented.