Gran Turismo has some competition. It's called Need for Speed: Shift

MattG of HipHopGamer Writes:

For years the Gran Turismo franchise has been the king of driving simulators. From it's days on the Playstation to it's last release Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. It has usually been the best looking driving game on the market and the most realistic driving expierence for racing fans. Though the guys at EA, and Slightly Mad Studios have a game that is coming for Gran Turismo's crown.

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Hydrolex5609d ago

AHaha i will laugh when Need for speed shif fails like the other Need for speed games !

They must name it Need for Speed Sh!T

Sir Ken_Kutaragi5609d ago

+ People said 'Race Pro' and 'Grid' + a few on the xBox 360 Only where Gran Turismo Killers??? ;-D ;-D ;-D

+ Need for Speed:Shift??? EA's Need for Speed??? Need for Speed Games??? ;-D

resistance1005609d ago

This article for real?

Sure it might be a good game, but as good of simulator as Gran Turismo? I doubt it. I will be surprised if it tops Ferrari Challenge (which is excellent btw) let alone Gran Turismo

cryymoar5609d ago

Does the NFS Dev even test out each car that they put into the game?

Props to Polyphony Digital for doing that and taking accurate measures of each of the hundreds of cars' performance!

facepalm5609d ago

They said that GT had some competition graphically from Race Pro as well, if I remember correctly...

Taken with a grain of salt.

SupaPlaya5609d ago

This is Need for Speed... Sh!t we are talking about...

Just kidding. It's good to see they are aiming for great graphics, let's though the game play is upped as well.

mugoldeneagle035609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

Is that I'm willing to bet "MattG" didn't even have a hands-on with the game..

So why would you write an article talking about your opinion of a game you haven't played.


If you guys want some real info on the game check out 1UP's most recent ListenUp podcast where Garnett and John talk about their HANDS-ON VISIT and impressions.

HHG, you fail to impress yet again...

Ratchet_Co5609d ago

No contest here man. Not even close.

XLiveGamer5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

I'm a fan of Gran Turismo since the days of the 1st GT on PSOne.

I really find hard to understand why some gamers or fanatics of a type of game or series are always denying the potential of other games. What if this game its better than GT and Forza? What you can do to stop it? Nothing right? but don't be a damn ignorant and wait for a damn demo and compare it then by yourself and only then you will have the right to express "No its not better than GT5" in your must sincere opinion of course please put away your fanaticism. Did Gran Turismo match what Forza did? NO hell NO. I have no doubt like Forza learned from Gran Turismo 1-3 Gran Turismo 5 have learned from Forza 1-2. What if this game prove that its better than both? Can your fanaticism stop it? If at the end prove that its better... then buy the damn game and enjoy it! Why not? because its better than both at the end? Be a damn gamer and fanatic of video games. Why be a fanatic of one brand only? Are they paying you to bash other games that you don't have a freaking f#cking damn clue about them?

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -----
This its an example of a great comment and a mature one.

1.3 - Ok calm down
This is Need for Speed... Sh!t we are talking about...

Just kidding. It's good to see they are aiming for great graphics, let's though the game play is upped as well.

If you disagree with this... then your brain have a damn disease of fanaticism.

RememberThe3575609d ago

GT5 will stand on it's own two without your undying love. XLiveGamer is right, what if the game is better? Whats the problem with that? If it's even close to the standard GT has set in the past it's going to be a great game. Give it time and don't close your mind to a potentially great game.

Blademask5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

right next to race pro and grid.

When will these people ever learn, you can't top the king, especially when you cant even trump its demo.

lets all bookmark this for when the reviews come out and say something along the lines of:

"While not as polished as... blah blah blah blah blah 7/10" Not that scores even matter, but come on. This happens everytime theres a racer. I wonder why no games ever come out pretending to target Forza.. Oh I know why nm.

The Lazy One5609d ago

and the number of people who read more than the headline before posting a comment is now at 3...

soxfan20055609d ago

I gave up on the Need for Speed series when EA jumped on the "Fast & the Furious" bandwagon and never got off. I've always hoped for a sequel to Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit 2 (the PS2 version), but unfortunately it has never happened. Just give me fast cars on well designed, good looking tracks. Win a race - unlock the next track or car. Is that really so hard?

5609d ago
aaron58295609d ago

I'm not writing this game off yet... i read somewhere these are the guys from Simbin ?

If it's really a hardcore sim, i'll be happy to buy it...

Hoping it wont be another GRID...

GRID is personally for me, the most overhyped racing game. And it's not even a sim. Ferrari Challenge is more enjoyable than GRI imo.

king dong5609d ago

gran tourismo have always been good games with great graphics, but how can anyone honestly sit there and say that they are the "true driving simulators"??

i know alot of posters on here aren't old enough to drive, but some are. so tell me, how many times do you ride seven cars on a bend and end up in front of them without even a scratch?

or, how many times have you watched racing to see the last place car ride the rest on the first or second bend to gain first spot?? it dont happen. that one point voids all claims of "true driving simulator". i'm dissing gt before all of you lot go into a fanboy demented melt-down, just stating a fact that is not possible in real driving. something of which gt and the fanboys claim it simulates.

aaron58295609d ago

I'm not saying you're wrong but..

TERM = Driving Simulator.

The term is used for how each and everyone of the cars feel and handle on a track.

I think most of GT fanatics (myself included) enjoys doing the time trial mode and compare our lap times with people around the world. Not racing the dumb AI.

Do yourself a favour, and play GT5P with a proper wheel setup, and select the "Professional" mode.

That's if, you actually play sims.

And dont tell me GRID; because that's arcade racer. Not even Ferrari Challenge comes close to be a simulator. I wouldnt know about Forza 2, as i never played it, as i only play racing games with a wheel.

SL1M DADDY5609d ago

But GT is not about just looks. The physics of the game are amazing and the looks help in terms of realism. Yeah I know they do not have damage effects but even the best in that field, Forza does not have realistic damage. In the end, I dare say that there will never be a NFS game that looks as good or plays as well as a current GT title. When they get cars to look and feel as good as Polyphony does in 1080p and at the frame rate that they do, then they can say the GT series has some competition.

boodybandit5609d ago (Edited 5609d ago )

we see actual gameplay movies and more information in general of the finished (or closed to finished) product? Even then I highly doubt it will come close to GT in any aspect.

IMHO the only game that rivals GT is Forza but only in gameplay not in graphics, sound or scope. (I love both games but I am just giving my honest personal opinion. I am sure there are a lot of N4G members that prefer Forza for your own personal reasons / preferences. My biggest love of GT is being able to play it with the Logitech G25 wheel and racing chair).

These sensationalist articles hyping games that we know so little about up against the best games in the industry is extremely poor journalism. But what else is new? Serious and legitimate gaming journalism is almost non existent these days. Today it's all about anyone having an internet connection and a site writing flamebait based off of rumors, hear say, screen shots, unfounded promises and hope, etc and so on.

HHG at first I thought your show and site were kind of cool. It was something different and fresh in the world of horrible blogging and extremely poor journalism. Sorry but lately I feel the exact opposite and I will be tuning out until you stop with your over the top flamebait articles by you and your staff.

Aquanox5609d ago

EA needs to stop killing this franchise.

Give it a rest for a couple of years and then release a real game.

SaiyanFury5609d ago

Umm, yeah. EA has yet to make a single NFS game that can even come close to GT as far as realism. Make a game that can even rival GT and then we'll talk.

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callahan095609d ago

I am really getting sick of Hip Hop Gamer articles. Every last stinking one of them is either pure speculation, overt opinion, or pure flame bait.

freshkid15609d ago

hes not sayin it the ppl that post on his site are dont blame him he lets them put there opinions and if they can back it up then its cool so you should find out b4 u blame ppl ass i keep seeing u keep blaming him so stfu hes mad cool

dktxx25609d ago

Dude put some damn punctuation in your posts. There's a reason it exists.