Videogamer: Resident Evil 5 Review

Videogamer writes: "Don't let that rather disappointing comparison to Resident Evil 4 fool you. Coming second to one of the best games of our generation is nothing to be sniffed at, and Resident Evil 5 is still a game that does the series proud. With a whole heap of content to unlock, including the brilliant Mercenaries mode (playable cooperatively off and online), a campaign that begs to be replayed and top of the line production values there's very little to be disappointed with. If you've read all that and the first thing in your mind is "but you can't move and shoot?" this isn't for you, but everyone else should grab a friend and enter the world of not quite so much survival horror".

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sam22364003d ago

Oh, please! How can a game that looks exactly like RE4 (But with better graphics), has broken controls with an awkward inventory system and THE most annoying AI partner ever get such a score?!

andron4003d ago

RE5 will probably get a wide range of scores in the 7-9 area. Opinions will be divided on this one, as we knew from the demo reactions.

Some will love it for being more of what we got in RE4 while others will see it as a RE4 update with outdated gameplay.

crck4003d ago

This game was really meant to be played in co-op. Its a blast with a friend. But yeah as a single player game I'd agree with you. Its pretty average or slightly above average.

MasFlowKiller4003d ago

the score is way to high

i think they took gameplay out of consideration and i though that gameplay was support to be the most important aspect of a game

that just me, i dont know

CrazzyMan4003d ago

oh, that probably works only for PS3 exclusives...))

Anyway, the game is good, but barely great.

DominusRebellis4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

WHY IS RUN and GUN SO DAMN IMPORTANT!!! Fuk you retards keep saying the same f-ing thing. STFHU now! Boo hoo I cant shoot the gun while I run, boo hoo this isn't an action gun and gunner, go play halo or some other crap if you want a run and gunner. Non-RE fans cannot understand that RE5 and RE4 are called survival horror games, intended on establishing an atmosphere of vulnerability. If you can blow everything away and run then that would defeat it's purpose. Man, STFHU and stop crying like you just got fvcked by your dads, I'm sick of it. YOU DONT LIKE RE THEN DONT COMMENT ON IT!!!!! IS THAT FVCKING SO HARD TO DO??!!!!

PS - Caps lock means I'm angry! Grrr...f..u

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infamous_274003d ago

Im glad this is getting great reviews! These reviews will finally shut up all the naysayers.

Panthers4003d ago

I agree completely. Loved the demo

s8anicslayer4003d ago

I cant wait to get my resident evil on this friday, killzone will have to share some time with my true love.

iNcRiMiNaTi4003d ago

but i actually seen it already in store one of the stores around me. they were selling copies but im waiting for friday because i have the collectors edition reserved at gamestop

interrergator4003d ago

is there gona be a resident evil 6 or is this the final chapter i cant wait gona be epic

dgroundwater4003d ago

Resident Evil 6 has already been announced. It will be another "reboot" of the series like RE:4 was.

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The story is too old to be commented.