Eurogamer: Resident Evil 5 Review

Eurogamer: "There's something grudgingly admirable about Capcom's determination to make Resident Evil games feel like no other. And yet - even as a long-term fan - when you first pick up Resident Evil 5 it's almost impossible not to find yourself bitching about the way you can't move and fire. Or the glacial turning speed. Or the unwieldy inventory system. Just like you did with Resident Evil 4, in fact - and Resident Evil Zero before it, and all the others. It comes with the territory. These fundamental design decisions are illogical in a modern context, and part of me wishes Capcom would wake up to the present.

But the tradition of survival horror games has its place too. Make it tense. Place just enough ammo and health. Make it a struggle to get by. To enjoy them, you have to be prepared to put to one side the default annoyances. Once you adapt to the way this game plays compared to all the other third-person action-adventures out there, it all rather clicks into place. Perhaps the question to consider from the outset is whether you really want Resident Evil to feel like every other action game or not? Because if the answer's no, then you're halfway to getting the most out of it."

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lord_of_balrogs3998d ago

Eurogamer is just rippin on games these past two months, first KZ2, then Halo Wars, and now RE5. The only good game in their eyes is SF4 apparently.

Johnny Cullen3998d ago

How were they rippin from Killzone 2?

They gave Killzone 2 a great score.

Sevir043998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

This is about what RE5 should be getting 7s and 8s Mid 7s-Mid 8s the nines are not warrented. not in this gen. i've been saying this for ever. RE5 is RE4 with HD graphics. nothing more. The controls suck, especially after playing DEAD SPACE, this game stayed back in the PS2 game cube era.. nothing here. it just tells the tale of the Las plagas and T-virus origin..

"Possibly the most jarring initial impression is how little has changed in the core game mechanics. While the prospect of split-screen or co-op online play tantalizes, there's an inescapable feeling of deja vu and frustration as you play with an AI partner. To all intents and purposes, this looks and feels like a re-skinned, high-def Resi 4, and what was hugely impressive back then often struggles to repeat the trick this far down the line."

Thank you eurogamer, thank you you've said it all

JustinSaneV23998d ago

I'm pretty sure you are referring to EDGE, not EuroGamer.

MasFlowKiller3998d ago

this is not Edge
but i agree with the score they gave it

- Ghost of Sparta -3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Normally I wouldn't agree with Eurogamer's reviews but after I finished playing through the demo I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Sad 'cause I really wanted to enjoy this one after seeing the awesome trailers but I was fooled big time. I understand that it being similar to RE4 isn't a bad thing but when it's exactly the same game running on the SAME engine with the SAME animations and the SAME last-gen gameplay, we've got a problem. 7/10 seems about right for this one. Dead Space is better.

JokesOnYou3998d ago

"On Normal level, Capcom has done what so many developers have done in this generation, and made it too easy. With all the checkpoints available, an average player will breeze through the game in 10-12 hours, beating most of the bosses on the very first attempt. However, Capcom has made one exceptionally smart design decision in rewarding game completion with an infinite-ammo assault rifle."

"While this is a fairly standard reward in Resi games, it works particularly well with co-op in mind, because it enables you to tackle the enormously entertaining Veteran difficulty on a surer footing and wade into enemies like never before. The entire style of the game transforms, as one player harvests all the ammo while the other becomes a kind of point man, taking the lead and a lot of the risk into the bargain. Because enemies are so much tougher at this level, and dish out so much more damage, what might have been a mindless procession turns into a challenging, tense affair that plays out superbly with someone providing backup." -Eurogamer

OK, whatever the score that sounds like a game worth playing, especially for a huge RE fan like me. I'm in.


TheHater3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

I have to agree with Sevir04. Dead Space controls are way beyond the controls for RE5. Dead Space controls >>>>>>> RE5 controls.

JustinSaneV23998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

@ 1.5 (- Ghost of Sparta -):
Same engine? Are you serious?

Anyhow, IMO Capcom should have only made co-op an extra and not an integral part of the game. Adding a small detail such as being able to fire your side-arm while slowly creeping backwards would have also been an excellent improvement upon the current control scheme.

Marceles3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Finally someone listens...I totally agree with Sevir. RE5 is nothing but RE4 with co-op, a real-time inventory, and HD graphics. When I played the Japanese demo on the 360 and said that in the very first thread on N4G, I swear I was going to be chased by torches and pitchforks. If you're in OMG mode and extremely happy with that then cool, but the most I would give the game is an 8. I don't really see any effort behind RE5 compared to RE4. RE4 was a totally new experience compared to the previous ones in the series.

Just like when we had the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube, that was AMAZING when it came out, and then they made RE Zero which kinda brought co-op to the series and the same cool graphics of the remake, maybe a little bit better graphics...and that turned out to be a good game as well. I feel RE5 is the same thing...I'll give it that it's a good game, but compared to how little of a jump it is from RE4, I cant give it as much praise as reviews are giving it.

Blademask3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

The only people that think RE5 isn't RE5 = RE4 + HD - horror , are people that want to pretend their version of it is better.

Not sayin names, but the game isn't what this gens re should have been. Its a rehash with the exact same animations folks.

Someone neeeds to pickup the survival horror torch quickly, because that genre defined what RE was, the reason RE is huge is because of re1-3/zero. Not Shootem up plant monster 9.

harrisk9543998d ago

RE5 has moved out of my "buy" list and is now strongly in my "rent" category.

DominusRebellis3998d ago

Why are people trying to convince others that this game is pure a$$? If people want it, they'll buy it, if not they won't. All you morons b!tching about how crappy this game is, don't buy it!

Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you have to say it, especially if it's as ignorant as most people's comments on here. Don't like it then don't buy it and why complain about something you're not even going to buy? What's the point, or do you morons really have that much time on your hands. Your comments are useless so stop them.

na2ru13998d ago

But Halo3 had same almost controls but with SUB HD...

In terms of consistency and fairness, should Resi5 get 10s and 10s and lots of 10sss???

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- Ghost of Sparta -3998d ago

This is what happens when you use the 360 as your lead platform. RE5 feels exactly like RE4. Develop games on a last gen console and you'll get a last gen game, Capcom.

II Necroplasm II3998d ago

"This is what happens when you use the 360 as your lead platform"

Ah hah so now we all know why Resident Evil 5 is getting all the hate.

Aquanox3998d ago

You can't rate RE5 7/10. I'm in the chapter 5 and no way on earth this game deserves less than 9/10.

I don't know where all this talk about the Xbox 360 being the leading platform came from - it was developed in paralell - , but this guy above me is right: The fact that the 360's got the superior version is bringing a lot of hate to the game from Sony fans.

pwnsause3998d ago

I wouldnt say this is what happens when you develop for the 360, I would say this is what happens when you are trying to whore out a franchise by keeping the gameplay the same from last gen with a new coat of paint. I had a conversation with a kid here from N4g who stated RE is not supposed to scare you, its not supposed to be a horror game, its just fun. I said WTF are you talking about, are you stupid!?!?! thats what RE supposed to be at its core, and RE5 gets rid of it!!!!!

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N4PS3G3998d ago

now this is stupid... a 7? yeah ..maybe there's no innovation and maybe is not a survival horror anymore..but a 7?

i've seen worse games get higher scores..this is just dumb

i hate when people review games for what they are supposed to be

and not for what it is

callahan093998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

So when it's a game that YOU want to get a good review, there's a right score and apparently a wrong score. For you, a 7 for RE5 is a wrong score; or, to use your word, "dumb."

But when Edge reviewed Killzone 2 and give it a 7, that was perfectly acceptable. Just their opinion, right? In response to Sasanova, who suggested that Edge's low score of KZ2 was wrong (just as you have now suggested that Eurogamer's low score of RE5 is wrong), you said:

"who's likely wrong?
no one dude... different opinions ..thats it..."

Seems to me you've got a double standard.

resistance1003998d ago

lol callahan09 have a bubble that was great, you owned him worse than i owned mart on my blog http://resistance100.wordpr...

ZuperAmazingCooKie3998d ago

His opinion can be ignored from this point on

N4PS3G3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

lol ..i think its stupid..yeah its true... but i'm not saying ANYWHERE THEY ARE WRONG

they have the right to give the game whatever the fuk they want and still be right because its an opnion

but do i think its stupid? Yeah i do ... does it make it wrong

in the killzone review sasanova said they were wrong... such a difference from stating a


FACT------------ OPINION

There's a big difference in thinking something is dumb or stupid ...and saying is wrong or right

The words wrong/right are words use for affirmative acts


Keep the good work sony loyalists :)

try harder next time..kay ;)

JokesOnYou3998d ago

N4PS3G, is correct there's a big difference between being critical of the review(saying its dumb) which basicly means you disagree with that site opinion/interpertation VS outright saying they are wrong or biased because you disagree. I know you may see both of them as suggesting the same thing but in principle it is very different concept. One suggests you disagree with their opinion, the other while also suggesting that you disagree also implies that your opinion IS the correct one. Simply on principle anytime you suggest one opinion about something that is subjective IS RIGHT and the other IS WRONG, then of course your whole arguement is flawed from the start.


DeZimatoR3998d ago

You're nothing but a hipocrite.

Oh, and as for your comeback, dude that was weak. You're arguing about semantics now? Really???

You got served man, try to learn something from it.

As for this score, its well deserved, at least EuroGamer kept true to their word. They criticized KZ2 for 'not doing anything new' but they didn't give RE5 a 'free pass' for being basically RE4 HD without the survival horror aspect.

Props to them.

solidjun53998d ago

but if this was on the foot of what you perceived to be a SONY fanboy, you would not come to this riveting defense. Dude you know N4GPS3 has a double standard and what callahan did was bring something up that sparked a memory.

Marceles3998d ago

Ok i'm trying to understand something can be rightfully dumb and stupidly correct? I don't get it...I'm really trying to see how you're trying to spin your way out of this one lol, because what callahan posted was funny as hell. If something is stupid, you dont just go along with it...if it's stupid in your OPINION then it's wrong, right? just got busted red-handed

JokesOnYou3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Listen carefully the principle IS different, if you look at the thread alot people were calling out Edge for being biased, so in other words giving KZ2 a 7 not because thats what Edge actually thought the game was worth but because they had an other motives, reading his comment he only suggest that you should NOT say Edge is WRONG simply because you disagree, NOW he's saying he disagree's with the Eurogamer (they are dumb) but he's not suggesting any ill-will or bias on Eurogamers part which means they just have an opinion that he disagree's with. Yes, its symantics but its actually a very important technicality and NOT something I just started talking about, I disagree with sites from time to time but Iam always careful to say or imply they have a right to their different opinion....its something I do speak about alot in my comments, which is its OK to disagree with anybody but once you begin thinking any one opinion including your own is the ONLY right one then you lose the high ground of fairness and being open-minded= currently thats probably this sites biggest problem.

If you disagree with what I'm saying and you think I'm only saying it for my own bias motives, then really theres not much else I can say other than that I stand by my above comments because I feel its important to note the that there is a big difference in principle. Take from it what you will but Iam actually glad we had this conversation and I hope those that understand what I'm talking about will say something too....I think with so many different opinions the concept I'm talking about will improve this site.= Instead of pointing the finger and insisting that a guy is wrong, why not just tell him why you disagree.


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