Developer Indie Adventure Quite Soulless in trouble

Quite Soulless is an indie adventure game with a unique visual look, as you can see in the trailer below. Dutch gaming site FOK!games has found a forumpost in which the (possible) creator states that it's not going to well with him.

The developer writes "Well, as for business,,, You know, I am absolutely new to business, I was producing this game for 6 years, spent 15,000$, and I thought there might be some money in the end. Does anybody know how to make some money (I see I can't most likely sell adventure game and nobody is happy that I thought of money)?

The bad news is I am not far from to be bankrupt, and I would possibly face homelessness soon (I have the legal troubles in the previous country of residence, and I am now in Hollywood, California, looking for asylum without a work permit, so I will face homelessness soon, and I am not able to polish anymore - I don't have a room, now I am in Starbucks, I have for now the place to sleep in the night (for a couple of hundreds per month, I am not supposed to be in the premises during the daytime, however, soon I would be totally on the street)."

FOK!games notes it might be someone pulling an unlikely joke, or an attempt at guerrilla marketing by the creator of the game, though both would seem rather strange looking at the story - but it is an interesting story nontheless. The original forumpost can be found here:

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