GameBoyz: Killzone 2 Review

GameBoyz writes: "Killzone 2 is a testament to not only the PS3, but to developers Guerilla Games who have shown they can meet the expectations put forth by the gamers, who can be quite a fickle group. In the end the game does not redefine the first person shooter genre, but what it does do is put forth a solid game with superb graphics, high-quality sound, an engaging single player campaign, and a very addicting multiplayer component. The only negatives to be found are somewhat minor, such as the story is somewhat short, the control may take some people time to get used to, and there is a glaring lack of cooperative play. At the end of the day Killzone 2 is the PS3 game that so many other are going to be measured against and it is a must have game for anyone's gaming collection".

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TheColbertinator4526d ago

I finally mastered the scout class.Cloak + Assault boost = Pwnage!

PirateThom4526d ago

I'm currently on Captain, but I still haven't found a class I like more than the default bloke.

TheColbertinator4526d ago

Tactician and Scout are among my favorites.

Sevir044526d ago

the game is simply astounding ^^ i love it it's very action packed.