id Software's Rage not coming in 2009.

Ve3tro writes: "At the recent DICE event held last month Geoff Keighley asked CEO Todd Hollenshead if id's latest development Rage would release this year. "We will be probably looking at this for next year at least right, not this year?" it was obvious that Todd replied with "No, won't be out this year." while he shook his head.

Some site's are confirming that Todd actually said "No, we'll be out this year.", so with the confusion I gave Geoff a quick message asking which is correct with a response of "It's not coming this year he said."

So there you have it, a 2009 release is false at this time."

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MisterNiwa4006d ago

I dont care anymore about this game.

jay24006d ago

Don't be so petty..............

yaboi4006d ago

u dnt care about it cause they pushed it back?? u then my friend have no life

kwicksandz4006d ago

But im sure killzone 2 with its 5 years of delays held your interest

Fade_Walker4006d ago

I lost interest when they decided to cheap out on the 360 version.

yaboi4006d ago

cheap out! they'll make more money off of it

Microsoft Xbox 3604006d ago

3rd party dev/publishers profits more with the PS3 version. I wonder why?

ZuperAmazingCooKie4006d ago

"3rd party dev/publishers profits more with the PS3 version. I wonder why? "

They don't profit more of the PS3, they make more revenue, which is not the same. Maybe it translates to more profit, maybe not, but I heard it was more expensive to develop for on PS3 than on 360, and that's probably true since it requires more skilled programmers and more time to get the same results if not better. But then again, maybe that doesn't apply anymore as the finalized PS3 dev kits have been out there for 2 years if not a little more, so it could mean more profit.

Anyway if you want to know why devs and publishers get more revenue from PS3 titles, then it's simple:

1. Developers can include all SKUs in a single disc (i.e. all languages, and PAL/NTSC) so their costs are significantly reduced.
2. PS3 sells more software in Japan and Continental Europe. Considering that the dollar is weak, a game sale in those territories is worth a lot more than in the USA right now.
3. Perhaps the royalties for PS3 games are cheaper than those for 360 games.

Microsoft Xbox 3604005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

If I wanted to say revenue, I'd say it but I read that publishers have been "profiting" more on the PS3 side. No spin here.

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Charmers4006d ago

It's an ID game it will be a pretty little tech demo that will run like crap and have absolutely no substance to it whatsoever. I really don't know why people get hyped for ID games. Doesn't anyone learn from history any more ?

The gaming GOD4006d ago

People almost never learn from history. That's why it always repeats

II Necroplasm II4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I hope this means DooM 4 will be out this year :D

yaboi4006d ago

we should start prayin then

n4gn4gn4gn4g4006d ago

they are not bothering to maximize this game for the PS3 so id can bite me.

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The story is too old to be commented.