The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Review (TGS)

"Is SNK's retro 2D fighting remake relevant in the modern gaming world?"

"King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match is a fun-filled yet slightly flawed release. The problem is not the dated sprite characters or the overall aged feeling of the game, because nostalgia is much of the title's appeal and genuinely adds to the fun. I even enjoy the fact that rushed translation into English has left much of the fantastic Japanese flavor that mark so much of early video-gaming. No, the true problem with KoF 98 UM is that 2D fighting has been done better than SNK's latest since BEFORE the original KoF 98. Yes, 11 years ago KoF 98 was a great 2D fighting game, but it was not the king of the hill in the face of competition from the likes of Street Fighter 3 Alpha and others. The question then, is why is this title worth the time and money of the average gamer in 2009 when it was already not quite the top choice in 1998?"

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Elven64006d ago

I was never a KOF person to be honest, but the review seems to have summed this one up nicely.