Midways Long Road to Recovery

That Gaming Site writes: "Midway is possibly in the worst financial situation of its rich 51 year history, corporate greed forced one of the driving forces of the American video games industry to shambles. Sometime in 2003 Bob Sagat David Zucker took the reins and became CEO of Midway Games; he was forcedly removed in 2008 by the Redstone's. Under Zucker's leadership Midway ended up losing millions, although Zucker is not to blame as he made a worse situation better. Now Matt Booty takes the reins, does he have what it takes to bring Midway back and make it that driving force it once was?"

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raiden_934009d ago

I'd like to see a sequel to psi-ops. It could learn a lot from what the Force Unleashed managed.

Elven64009d ago

Duh didn't you hear, LucasArts made a tech demo for Psy Ops 2 to show Midway and then said to themselves "Oh sh*t, we could make money from this"


raiden_934009d ago

Ah didn't know that. Interesting, still wouldn't say no to another Psi-ops. I'm a big fan of those sorts of games. Second Sight was also a good game too, but thinking about Second Sight makes me miss Free Radical =[

Elven64009d ago

Most definitely, those games should be on Xbox Originals, PSN, etc since they deserve it.

I've never really played Second Sight to be honest, I've heard pretty mixed things. I think it might be on Steam IIRC, might have to pick it up eventually.

pangitkqb4009d ago

They have so many challenges ahead of them, but the gaming world would benefit if they do.

Elven64009d ago

Likewise, I am confident with the Redstones behind them Midway will have more freedom to do what ever they please, feel sorry for Zucker, stupid Redstones screwed him over big time even though he had his "demons".

Elven64009d ago

If Midway gets out of this a hardcore Mortal Kombat that will make all those MK controversy's from the 90s return, Psy Ops 2, The Suffering 3, etc in a year or two will be the perfect come back.

TheColbertinator4009d ago

A new IP could always help as well,Elven6.

Also thanks for bringing real new for gamers from your site.The situation with Midway is more important than some screenshot comparison or article on cosplayers.

Elven64009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Midway has its share of new ips out this year as well ;)

No problem, when it came to Midway all the other sites were so biased about it, almost all sites who covered last weeks Mortal Kombat story failed to mention it was a alternative to restructuring.

Unfortunately I doubt this will get enough heat to even be noticed. :(

krazy14kraz4009d ago

Thank god you know the good stuff. All that cosplay stuff is getting B-O-R-I-N-G

Elven64009d ago

I agree, N4G is really full of that stuff right now, hard to find the real news and interesting editorials.

pangitkqb4008d ago

and constitutes a worthwhile read.

Midway's situation right now is a potential future for many developers in the face of rising development costs. If Midway can fall so far and then (hopefully) come back, other developers can take note and learn from Midway's experience. Lets hope that Matt Booty is truly the right man for the job.

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krazy14kraz4009d ago

Midway should make a Stranglehold sequel.

Elven64009d ago

Most definitely, although when they have the cash of course! ;)

The first one was good, got good reviews, and was advertised well, not sure why it didn't sell better!

krazy14kraz4009d ago

360 is better than PS3 lol.
just kidding. But seriously, Midway needs to make a Mortal Kombat FPS. I would love to shoot Scorpian in the head. haha

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