Why Are Reviews Used As Fact?

Stephen Heller of The Bitbag writes, "The game I was reading into was in fact Star Ocean: The Last Hope, which I plan to review later this month, from RPGamer's Adriaan den Ouden who gave a 2.5 to the game. However, that didn't strike me odd about the score as much as what I found out on the boards of this site that made me have a mental scream "What the Hell" moment. People were actually taking he's negatives and applying that as fact to not buy or try this game even if it were in the bargain section at a local store."

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Foxgod3997d ago

Simple, reviews are opinions from experienced gamers that after all the hours and years they spend on games, know what they are talking about.

IdleLeeSiuLung3996d ago

Whoever that takes review scores as facts are missing out a lot of damn good games! Furthermore, even great games get a few poor reviews.

PirateThom3997d ago

They're used as "fact" because people need some sort of confirmation that games they like are good by way of some arbitrary number attached to it.

Why o why3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

i dont really like bukaku but i respect their reviews and their review method. No BS number to scroll to just an opinion to read. Those are the best reviews because you actually have to read something. Reviews without scores are not infallible but those sites seem less likely to write tripe.

theKiller3997d ago

or its a fact for those fanboys who have nothing good to do in their lives except saying "metacritics gave halo better reviews than ur game"

Why o why3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

and like simple things.

because fanboys are simpler

and need fodder.

OhReginald3997d ago

no. they are used as general consensus'. Its not fact, Its an opinion from individual game reviewers.

TheColbertinator3997d ago

I'm certain that Star Ocean 4 and White Knight Chronicles are not 7/10 games.From what I read on the Eurogamer(WKC) and IGN(SO4) reviews,is that they both have issues but the meat and potatoes of the games(story,characters,length, cutscenes) are still intact and very impressive.Maybe someday we gamers can return to a time of unity but until then the biased websites will maintain dominance.

ChaoticStupid3997d ago

Sounds like a 7/10 game to me man.. For a game to get a 10 it shouldnt have a single issue. No bugs,control issues, etc.

The problem isnt that these games are rated wrong but rather that since this gen started certain people want to act like the only games that are good have to fit in the 8-10 score range, and anything else is bad.

SpoonyRedMage3997d ago

I agree with both of you in a way.

It's all down to the "four point scale", most games get between 6 and 10 but it varies from place to place which means in some places a 7 is really good but lacking(which is how I like it) and in others it's really bad.

I much prefer amateur reviews if they're objective to the professional stuff as there's little external pressure(employers and stuff, being "payed off") so it gets a clearer view of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.