PS3 Exclusives Cursed?

"PS3 exclusives have a way of getting pissed on by the general public and media before they are given a chance. The more superstitious fanboy might even call it a PS3 curse."

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Pein4004d ago

they always live up to my expectations

TheHater4004d ago

that because Sony don't know how to market their games.

fishd4004d ago

Yeah... cursed to be awesome

PoSTedUP4004d ago

i dont think its that sony "dont know how" to market, the choose not to. look at their past and what they have done with their marketing... im sure it shows that that statement is FAR from the truth.

imo, and i do believe it is a good opinion, is that sony doesn't want to waste their money on marketing at the moment because without it they are keeping up with 200$ and a 250$ console, plus they arent exactly profiting to much on each console and in fact they JUST started to make the slightest profit.

would you want to market a console that is unappealing to the avrage consumer price wise? like: 'here, buy this please, its awesome, but, its 400-500$ wile the 360 is 200$'. <--- see its really pointless to market right now and i think sony is playing it smart. they already announced that this year will be their most aggressive marketing year in their HISTORY which is remarkable knowing that they were awesome at marketing aggressive (crash bandicoot commercials at nintendo corp. lol)

and its showing with MLB09 the show as the latest commercial states"MLB09 the show IS THE MOST REALISTIC BASEBALL GAME, EVER" which is extremely aggressive comparing to 2k9's baseball game.

whew im tired, peace.

SaiyanFury4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

PS3 exclusives get pissed on because Sony has a long history of delivering quality and everyone in the MSM loves to nitpick every tiny flaw to death and then blowing it completely out of proportion. If they don't live up to your expectations all the time, maybe your expectations are simply too high? I know Sony's games have satisfied my expectations, but then again I'm realistic. I don't expect the world from Sony, merely great games that I can enjoy for hours without nitpicking every single detail: this could be better, that could be better, that texture resolution should be higher. Spend all the time you want nitpicking things to death. While you're doing that, I'll be back at my HDTV playing the current great exclusives as well as the old ones.

As for Sony's lack of marketing, I think it has to do more with Sony being humbled by the disastrous launch of the PS3 when all of the hype came crashing down. They talked the system up something fierce, and after the launch blew up, they quieted themselves and figured they'd let the system and the games do the talking.

andron4004d ago

Sony exclusive get more flak these days simply because some individuals go out of their way to make it so.

It's the usual self perpetuating snowball effect that has been set in motion here. The only way to stop it is to ignore these attention whores...

Ratchet_Co4004d ago

PS3 exclusives are awesome. However the public likes to nitpick to death and I think that's the problem. e.g

Friend 1: Hey! Have you picked up Killzone 2? The graphics are awesome, with great storyline and superb multiplayer.

Friend 2: I heard the controls suck.

Friend 1: What? No they don't.

Friend 2: Yeah, well I don't know...

eagle214004d ago

PS3 stomped microsoft and cleaned house for Game of the Year at AIAS. 2008 belonged to Sony and 2009 does too. Microsoft is done, all the top rated exclusives lately are on PS3.

What curse idiot? :)

4004d ago
el_bandito4004d ago

Give internet access to a fanboy and he could make it look like everything's wrong with the exclusive. Let MS play their part thru the media and they could make it even look a lot worse.

boca4004d ago

morganfell, so true.

GrandTheftZamboni4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I pretty much respect your posts on N4G. Even now I'm not challenging your dislike of Dan Hsu. I've had no idea who he was, so I checked Wikipedia. I know anyone can edit it, but according to it, he seemed to have exposed some bad practices in the industry.

I'm really curious what he has done to piss you off that bad.


morganfell4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

GrandTheftStreetcar, what you say is true. Anyone can edit, and as we have seen anyone can edit Wikipedia.

Dan Hsu was the architect of everything that went wrong at 1Up and EGM. He injected a bias into both that was beyond belief. To sit here and claim that he never did anything good would be idiocy. But the evil he perpetrated far outweighs the good.

When you are a journalist you are supposed to report the news. But when you lose your objectivity and begin to attack companies, when you begin to create and influence the news then you are no longer simply keeping people abreast. You are now a catalyst and part of the news. Dan Hsu was a catalyst and not in accidental form but rather by design.

I will give you one example that exemplifies his standard practice.

Dan Hsu was responsible for the infamous PS3 tomato cover of EGM.

He stated in his editorial that he invited Sony execs to a get together and showed them the forthcoming feature. That was in January when he unveiled the March cover. He said he laughed when he saw their faces.

Let me see if I understand this. The PS3 has been out in the US for a mere month and a half, not even out in Europe, and the editor of EGM decides this is a fitting cover.

Okay, in the name of all that is fair and holy, lets examine the balance. Microsoft dropped a billion dollars on the warranty issue. Think about that. Imitate Dr Evil here and say One Billion Dollars. That is massive nuclear bomb sized news in the gaming industry. Did EGM ever in their existence publish a cover story with the central feature being the RROD issue and the Microsoft Billion Dollar "Head the mandatory recall off at the pass" maneuver? No? No. How is that for fair? Yet the PS3 is 45 days out of the starting blocks and this is the cover Hsu decides it will receive.

It is beyond the pale that it was all over looked. By this time a great many people in the game industry were deserting Sony and picking up their torch and pitchfork in a scene reminiscent of Frankenstein. Remember how we all hate the one moron villager that always screams the loudest to burn the monster? That was Dan Hsu.

There was a problem though. This wasn't the dumb, sad, creature from the Boris Karloff incarnation of the Frankenstein. This is the intelligent Robert Deniro version.

The above is just one example of practices that he instituted where Sony was continually under his heel. You never saw him review a Sony game the way he reviewed Gears of War. Tell me there was any sense of justice or journalistic integrity in that review.

He used his authority not to report the news but to create it, to influence and direct it. To write about the laugh he received from screwing with Sony clearly shows where his intentions lie.

His editorial practices were a sham without even the slightest pretense at a level playing field of objectivity. He edited like he was a member of a college fraternity doing idiotic, jackass style dares for beer money. What a moron. It is people like him that have continually retarded the growth and acceptance of the game industry. Good riddance.

I and many others can recount incident after incident where he committed such acts and little to nothing was said because of his influence. Fair? I don't think so. I only regret he ran like a coward instead of sticking it out so we could see him get the firing he rightly deserved.

The worst part was he wrote several rambling pieces about bias in the game industry. I personally haven't seen a bigger hypocrite in quite some time.

4004d ago
GrandTheftZamboni4004d ago


Thanks for the reply. I have my reasons for avoiding anything Microsoft, (besides having to pay for Vista so I can install Linux on a new PC), so I don't have an Xbox to compare games with scores. I thought all rambling about exclusives on one console being better than on the other one was just a fanboy rant. Until I got GTA4. Although it has its merits, there are things that wouldn't be forgiven if it was PS3 exclusive: I steal cops car, run over few pedestrians. At 9 a.m. I come to pickup Michelle with a smashed police car covered with blood. She remarks that I stil have the same clothes. I take her to a burger place and I get to nail her ten minutes later. And now I read complaints about "bad AI" in Killzone2. The other multiplat I have is Bioshock. Even though I loved the game, It doesn't look near as good as most of PS3 exclusives I have (RFOM, R2, HS, Lair, R&C) that got lesser score.

I got curious as how bad PS3 "flops" really are, so I recently got Haze and Lair. Lair is a visual masterpiece although I can't yet comment on other aspects and I really enjoyed Haze campaign. Yeah, they could have been more creative with dialogues, but 4s and 5s were undeservingly low.

I have a strong feeling that there is a bias against PS3. Don't know exactly why is that, but thanks for sharing where you think that might come from.


@Head Shot King

That doesn't sound like what a black guy would say. Fail.

War Perfected4004d ago

LOL PS3 exclusives cursed? The best exclusives this generation are exclusive to the PS3!!

Fencefry4004d ago

Obama's black, McCain's white. Now which console did you pick again?

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UltimateIdiot9114004d ago

I think it's the problem of media bias. Every time I read something about a PS3 exclusive, there are all these small almost unnoticeable flaws but some how once the media or some random internet blogger finds it. It's blown out the water while 360 exclusives have their flaws overlook for the most part.

Another thing is, there always seem like there is a lot of pressure on PS3 exclusive. From system sellers to Halo killer to whatever. So far, I've aim for games worth my money and have been very happy with my choices except DMC4. I haven't bought a Multiplat title since CoD4.

ActionBastard4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I must agree. While playing Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2, Mass Effect and Gears of War 2...I noticed a sh1t ton of bugs, glitches and the occasional c-c-c-combobreaker!!! that (for as much as I keep up with gaming) weren't harped on like PS3 games. But you can only hate something for so long. Look at how the press treated Nintendo with their DS and Wii announcements to now. With the 1st party muscle Sony is flexing right now, I have no doubts that the pendulum will swing the other way.

EDIT: I own 5 multiplat games: Rock Band, GH3, Burnout Paradise, GTA4 and SF4. Everything else is exclusive.

Firstkn1ghT4004d ago

and the excuses continue....

LarVanian4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Resistance 2 has a score of 87% on Metacritic. Want to know something else? I don't give a sh!t. My score for the game would be a 92%, and that is all that matters.
The media could go ahead and give 2/10 scores to games such as inFamous and Uncharted 2. It would not stop me from buying them and enjoying them.

EDIT- Lol at the disagree

KingDragunov4004d ago

I disagree, most of the exclusives are AWESOME! (Killzone 2, MGS 4, R2... even Warhawk...).

icup24004d ago

The media expect too much from PS3 exclusives and too little from other consoles exclusives.

Hallucinate4004d ago

which is a good thing..cause sonys then gotta step up there game..while MS can relax and just pimp out sh1tty exclusives

silvacrest4004d ago

a little rant

im far from a MS supporter but even i want them to produce quality exclusives, why? because my bro was given a 360 near Xmas and is struggling to find a decent game (we already had a 360 and played pretty much everything worthwhile)

at the moment hes playing phantasy star online/universe?
in my opinion, its one of the worst MMORPG i have ever seen

ps2 graphics
stiff gameplay
unknown story (im not even sure it exsists)

and worst of all, you have to pay each month as well as XBL subscription just to play this piece of sh!t done

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