Nintendo No Longer the Gamers Best Friend

An article describing Nintendo's change in marketing their console from the hardcore gamer to the casual gamer.

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Gue14005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

that was true a couple of years ago but now?

I'm not a follower of Nintendo anymore simply because of the Wii but there are a couple of interesting games like Mad World, The Conduit, Fragile, etc, that look really good... But I don't think I'll ever going to like Nintendo again anyway(but I still love some of their franchises like Zelda and Metroid). Now I prefer Sony. I had every Sony consoles because of the games but I never liked them, but now? I think they are the best. Maybe cuz they are the underdogs?

Xander-RKoS4005d ago

It's really hard to go along with an editorial like this when it's SO painfully obvious that what they are claiming isn't the case.

First off, it's propagates the casual gamer witch hunt, claiming that they are the reasons more and more developers are "dumbing" down their games. Eh, maybe if you only play games (casual or hardcore) til the main story is done and then quit. I'm going to ignore the fact that plenty of Nintendo first party games like Metroid Prime 3, Fire Emblem, and Twilight Princess are exactly the kind of games that he apparently wants, and even third parties who makes games like No More Heroes, Red Steel, etc. aren't making simplified games for the Wii. But anyways, games like Warioland and Super Mario Galaxy, end way beyond the story. The story for both of those games is half of the game while it goes on to have tons of extra challenges for the more "hardcore" gamer. Ever try getting all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy...the last 15 of them are really REALLY hard to get, especially the trial stars. Anyways, what about other developers? I'm going to use Sonic and the Black Knight. The whole story is like five hours long and really easy to beat. Dumbed down? No, because the rest of the game is much harder than the main game and incredibly addictive. My point is, games aren't being dumbed down, they are becoming more accessible where the main game can be picked up and played and the rest of the game is for those who want more to play.

It is also a bit concerning that this person believes that Nintendo was anything but a company that tried to make gaming more accessible. There was a article I found here a while ago about how Nintendo did really small things like not put a jump feature in the 3-D Zelda games except at edges to make the game more accessible...

Lastly, this guy is rambling on like all uniformed bloggers that Nintendo is not releasing any first party games...I don't know why this guy believes that a new Zelda or Mario comes out every 1-2 years (they don't), but I remember getting Animal Crossing for Christmas and I know that games like Sin and Punishment 2 and Punch-out are coming out and it's been confirmed that a new Mario and new Zelda are being made (maybe along with a new Pikmin)...and Nintendo can usually make a great first party game partly because they can take their time on it. So really, this person saying that Nintendo has abandoned their fanbase because of a lack of first-party franchises is kind of an insult, since more and more first party titles are being revived and , again, as technology progresses, Zelda and Mario games have taken a longer time to make which is why we haven't gotten on in the last, y'know, year.

Myst4005d ago

Agree and Bubbles, leave it to Xandar to tear down those who seem to demean the Wii based on "casual market" argument :).

Argento-Nox4005d ago


I'm going to only semi-agree with your comments. Mentioning Animal crossing in your post was a very poor choice IMO. Animal crossing was a contentious issue in 2008, when Nintendo chose to announce it as hardcore at E3, only to later apologize to core fans who had their hopes crushed for something less than casual.

Hopefully you won't crucify me when I say this, I did get a NDS as my 1st gaming platform this gen, after all. The fact of the matter is, Nintendo is focusing on the casual market more than the core audience. Why should they, when they're making a killing on the casual market? I can't count more than 10 core games to date; 1st party or otherwise that I care to own on the Wii, not the case for my NDS (also superior in the casual department for handheld systems).

I've had high expectations for 2 remakes for the Wii; Okami and Rygar, both remakes of PS2 games that IMO remain superior on the PS2 versions. As much as I would like to play future games like Sin and Punishment 2, Mad World, Punchout, Fragile, and DQ10; my brother and I are more core gamers than casual, who will only invest in a platform after 10 titles we're interested in are released.

Since my brother and I don't really care for Nintendo titles like Zelda, Metroid, Mario, with only Punchout as our exception; neither of us has bothered picking up a Wii yet. We continue to play the Wii via our cousins, nieces and friends. Regardless of how you cut it, every platform from the DS to the PS3, has more/better core games than the Wii.

As a well informed gamer, I find it hard to disagree with the articles author, b/c it's been 2 years going into 3 and Nintendo is having a really slow start to core market that's only been kick started by 3rd party titles like Madworld and No more Heroes. It's the reason I don't have a Wii afterall, even though I can afford it.

Stubacca4005d ago

I think the article/opinion/blog/whatever really is making a valid point. I think the only reason there aren't more comments on this post is because it's kinda obvious.

At the moment you have the Sony and Microsoft competing for the Console Crown, whilst the Wii (despite phenomenal sales) will always remain dead in the hearts and minds of many a gamer.

Casual gamers aren't gamers. They pick up a fad and never buy more than 2 or 3 games. Nearly everyone I work with has a Wii and the office has one for breaks/fun-days. For crying out loud, Ninty use Louise and Jamie Redknap, Ronan Keating and Girls Aloud in thier advertisements. If that's not selling out, I don't know what is.


Face it. Nintendo died with the release of the Wii. Thier reputation is mud as far as most dedicated gamers are concerned. You are better off with a PS3 or 360. The Wii is something for the kids or your girlfriend...

PoisonousPoison4005d ago

And what of the later games that are coming out for the Wii? I know they have been thrown around this site for quite some time already so I feel like I may not have to repeat and say them again. Main few are always MadWorld and Monster Hunter though.

ChickeyCantor4004d ago

" My point is, games aren't being dumbed down, they are becoming more accessible"

Exactly, therefore have a bubble.

Mini Mario4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

"I don't know why this guy believes that a new Zelda or Mario comes out every 1-2 years (they don't),"

Yeh i dont know why haters always say this. They may re release games on say the gameboy or whatever but brand new zelda/mario games are usually 3-5 years apart.

So yeh basically i agreed with everything u said.

Mini Mario4004d ago

"Regardless of how you cut it, every platform from the DS to the PS3, has more/better core games than the Wii."

Yeh coz the "core" crowd are what keeps systems afloat. Ya huh. Singstar anbd guitar hero have nothing to do with casual gamers buying systems. Ya huh. Coz they are casual games.

"As a well informed gamer, I find it hard to disagree with the articles author, b/c it's been 2 years going into 3 and Nintendo is having a really slow start to core market that's only been kick started by 3rd party titles like Madworld and No more Heroes. It's the reason I don't have a Wii afterall, even though I can afford it"

Well nintendo have made quite a few games from what i see. What about other devs?? Why always blame nintendo. Surely there not the only company able to make games for there system.

Argento-Nox4004d ago

@Mini Mario

I realize that the casual market is where the money is at, but if you read my post, I've already said I'm more of a core gamer. As a party system, the Wii is probably the best, but for games that I play alone, it's a terrible system for me. Regardless of how you cut it, their core games are few and seldom compared to all other platforms, even their own NDS.

Say what you will, but from what I've seen, casual gamers buy less games, period. I have more friends and family that have Wii's than any other system, none of them has even 10 games, with most having less than 5 games. 3 of my best friend have Wii's; one doesn't play often while mainly using his 360, the 2nd has his Wii soft-modded and has more games for his PS3, while the 3rd is outright selling his Wii+games+extra controllers b/c he's discovered he plays it less than his PS3.

The Wiimote functionality, whether simplified to be more accessible or not, isn't terribly great for most games. I'm hoping Wii-plus will give us a true 1:1 functionality ratio to improve gameplay. If you don't believe me about the controls, try Victorious Boxer (Hajime no Ippo) for the Wii. There's several wiimote modes for the game, and they all suck compared to normal controls without the Wiimote functionality.

Your telling me, that Nintendo isn't partly to blame when they literally slapped all core gamers across the face by announcing Animal Crossing as their core game of 2008? Even considering 3rd party titles, it's obvious that every other game platform has more core games ---> that's a fact that NO Ninty fanboy can erase! As much as I like my NDS, the Wii has a long way to go to get me to buy one, I'd rather just go out and buy a PS2 again.

Mini Mario4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

"Your telling me, that Nintendo isn't partly to blame when they literally slapped all core gamers across the face by announcing Animal Crossing as their core game of 2008? Even considering 3rd party titles, it's obvious that every other game platform has more core games ---> that's a fact that NO Ninty fanboy can erase! As much as I like my NDS, the Wii has a long way to go to get me to buy one, I'd rather just go out and buy a PS2 again."

Actually there are plenty of core games on the system, if u look closer. But u gotta understand these core games arent what sell systems...there are less core than there are "casual". (singstar and buzz are proof of that). Plus with all the installing and updating on the ps3 it feels more like a PC...and i already have a PC for high end games.

I myself play whats fun. Hell i still play tetris and pacman. But i also like to go online and play street fighter 4 (among others). So to me the wii is a great system because it has the mario/metroid/zelda games i love plus u can buy old games that i could never get b4 here in australia I.E. super mario RPG. (it wasnt released on PAL)

If u think there are less core games, then thats your opinion. But for me personally i like a good mix of both. Plus i also have a ps3 and 360 to fall back on for certain FPS and fighters ie Tekken and street fighter.

Wii sports is addictive as tetris, especially the training modes. I hate how the "core" call anything but FPS's or RTS's not "real games"...that really bugs me because not every body likes "core" *cough* games. Nintendo themselves are making games they always have..and every now and then make a new IP like wii sports and pikimin. So saying Nintendo have changed (many ppl say this) is complete BS, as they havent changed one bit.


Family fun is what they have always been about.

Argento-Nox4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


I never implied that Nintendo have deviated far from their family roots, but I'd like some games that are less than casual. Let's be honest, if you could give a good list of core Wii games, you would have. If casual was all you were about, you wouldn't have a 360 nor a PS3 either.

I'm not trying to say core games are all I want, seeing as I have a DS with 1/3 of my games being less than core, but I still find Nintendo's core titles too few and seldom, with little in the ways of innovation with regards to new IP's. I've had my share of Pokemon and Mario, I just wish Nintendo would go back to their NES days and put out some new IP's than rely on old ones. I was happy to hear Nintendo news regarding Project Hammer, since it would do what Nintendo hasn't done in a while, adding a interesting new IP to the Nintendo universe that hopefully won't disappoint.

Mahr4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

"Let's be honest, if you could give a good list of core Wii games, you would have"

Well, that seems to be a little bit of an unfair challenge, as you're introducing terms without defining them. For instance, it used to be that whether a game was 'core' or 'casual' referred to the level of commitment games involved, i.e. the difference between the time one could spend playing in a single sitting or overall.

Of course, I say 'used to be' because lots of people use the term to refer to other things, e.g., difficulty level, whether it's above a certain rating, et cetera.

Nintendo was probably operating under the original definition when they listed Animal Crossing as a core title, given that Animal Crossing games are something that people can dedicate hundreds of hours of playtime to.

So if you're asking someone to name 'core' games, then you have to establish what qualities you believe comprise a game's coreness. Obviously, you're not big on classifying Animal Crossing as such, so time commitment is out, and that's perfectly fine but unfortunately also kind of vague.

Secondly, if you're asking someone to name 'good' core games 'that interest you' to boot, then you have to establish what kind of tastes you have, as 'good'/'interesting' is not exactly a unified concept amongst people. What kind of games do you like or dislike? Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon in all of their incarnations are out -- that's a good start, but not enough. Some people like puzzle games, some people don't -- can a puzzle game even be considered core or not? What about point and click games? Or shooters? If a shooter is on-rails, is it automatically casual and/or bad?

Does a cartoony art style have a bearing on the quality/coreness? Or whether or not there's a really involved story? Would importing/using the tricks to get around the Region-lock be a deal-breaker for you? What other systems have you had or have at current, as there might be some non-exclusives that could possibly interest you if you've never played them elsewhere (or maybe not, if those kinds of games aren't your thing).

Are you a proponent of the belief that quality can be determined by review sites like Gamespot, or by Aggregate review sites like Gamerankings or Metacritic? If so, what is the range of acceptable scores to play? Only games above 9? Above 8? 7?

Apologies if the above comes off as argumentative -- but you're asking a question whose answer or lack thereof is contingent upon an array of factors internal to yourself without actually providing them.

Argento-Nox4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )


Thanks for your comment Mahr. I'll do what I can to clarify what I mean by core. I don't find a game like Animal crossing to be core b/c I feel it's more similar to Sims in the way you can go about doing stuff without any defined objective. It's like Wii music compared to Rockband or Guitar heroes, in which the later 2 have a challenging point system, while the former has no real objective, other than to have the user create their own music. Wii fit I guess could be an exception since it has a point system of sorts, but I hardly see it being completely core in the way that anyone could just pick it up.

I don't mean core as in time spent playing the game either, otherwise someone playing a simple card game on the PC for hours at a time would consider it core, even though it's meant to be a casual pickup game to pass the time. By core, I meant games with clear objectives like Metroid, Mario Galaxy, Zelda etc.

When I'm referring to casual; I'm referring to games like Jenga, Barbies, Sponge Bob, Sudoku, and Mario Party 8 etc. Games that are just meant to be fun without set objectives like what I consider core games like DMC4, Fallout 3, Resistance and Halo, where your goal is generally to find and destroy enemies etc. I'm basically looking for something with a good story and objectives, not something that's meant to be played with the nieces,nephews or the whole family.

Scores and reviews mean little to me. I'm not one to care for metacritic, gamespot or any review score other than my own or those of friends whose opinions I value more. For example, I don't see a casual/core game like GTA4 being a 10/10 in my books, b/c it's not my type of game. For a sandbox game like that, I'd rather play Infamous and Yakuza 3.

Whether a game has cartoon animation or not, makes no difference to me. One of my favorite NDS games right now other than Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Chrono trigger, DQ 4+5; is Zelda the phantom hourglass. As cartoony as Zelda the phantom hourglass is, it still maintains it's core theme and objective of previous games, Link saving princess Zelda. Hopefully that helps you see what my definition of core/casual is.

With regards to games I'm interested in for the Wii that I consider more core; I'm looking forward to Madworld, Punchout (I'm a huge fan of the NES one, so much so that I have it for my emulator on my psp) ,Sin and Punishment 2, Arc Rise Fantasia, Fragile, Deadspace (even though I have the PS3 version), and DQ9. Hopefully by the time those are out, I'll have a Wii to play them on.

Mahr4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Well, if core means that gameplay involves objectives and a set, over-arching goal in a single-player thing, I think I can name a couple games on the Wii that satisfy that. Or at the very least, more than most people give credit for.

In the first place, I can't tell if you're aware or not, but I should probably warn you that the upcoming Dead Space Extraction game is not going to be a port as was originally thought. It's going to be a new game entirely and a prequel -- the catch being that it's also going to be an on-rails shooter, not a third-person shooter, so if you're not particularly fond of rail games, you might want to give it a miss.

If you have no problems with rail shooters, then there are two games out that you might check out, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and House of the Dead: Overkill.

Which one would interest you more depends really on your preference for shooting zombie: Umbrella Chronicles is essentially an exploding heads simulator that delves into the garbled, hilarious mess that is the on-going plot of Resident Evil and is kind of sadistic difficulty-wise. Overkill on the other hand is more of a cheesy, self-aware stylistic aping of that Grindhouse movie Tarantino released a while back. One of the most offensive games ever made -- and proudly so. Less difficult than Umbrella Chronicles.

Moving past rail-shooters, since you say cartoony is acceptable, Zack and Wiki: The Quest For Barbosa's Treasure.

If you spend a lot of time on N4G, or on gaming sites in general, you will often see Wii-owners lamenting about how this game's sales were absolutely abysmal. It's essentially a point-and-click style adventure game about solving puzzles. Although the art style makes it look kind of childish, the game requires *radical* lateral thinking/action skills at every step.

In a similar puzzler vein, World of Goo.

Personally, I consider this the second greatest game of the current generation (the first being Portal, so make of that what you will). A physics-based puzzler that's kind of like Lemmings. Tests the player's level of creativity by tasking them to build structures to safely ferry the main characters (who also double as building materials) through the levels. Insanely difficult at some points, particularly when trying to meet the Obsessive Compulsive requirements. Has kind of a minimalist presentation, which might turn you off if that's not your kind of thing.

There's also this criminally under-appreciated game, Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy.

It's essentially a shoot-em-up in the old school sense, though it also has a kind of Katamari-esque twist where downed enemy ships can be collected and combined into a giant barrier of weapons around your ship. However, the real fun comes from the level editor where one can create their own ships, enemies, levels, et cetera. Or if not creatively-inclined, there's always the chance to download some truly inspired user-generated content. Star Soldier R and Geometry Wars: Galaxies are also solid shmups, but the latter's on the DS too.

De Blob:

A platformer game about indoctrinating children in the ways of terrorism and vandalism against authoritarian states. Also, the joys of coloring, music, and attacking policemen. Progress through a city in a hilarious guerilla war against some sort of communist blob of ink.

Space Invaders Get Even:

Basically about aliens destroying various cities using the 8-bit enemies from the classic Taito game. Funny and a good source of mindless destruction. Although it's actually a single game divided into a quartet of separate downloadable titles, so it's only really good if one purchases all of the parts.

Lost Winds:

There are better and less sparse Wiiware games on the market, but this is as solid as platformer/puzzlers that aren't made by Jonathan Blow get.

Trauma Center: New Blood:

I'm assuming you're at least aware of the existence of the other Trauma Center games. If you're interested in the series, then picking this one up shouldn't be too big of a decision. However, if Trauma Center's like Mario and co in that you don't care for the series anymore, then steer clear.

Battalion Wars 2:

Action game spin-off of the Advance Wars series. Eschews the turn-based combat in favor of actual combat, though it keeps the rock-paper-scissors style of units having units that they're weak against. The story involves some not-so-subtle parodies of American military history and foreign policies. Despite its name of 'real time strategy action game' or whatever, it's a one-man action game for the most part.


Cartoony game about Gordon Freeman's children capturing and cruelly enslaving a number of small creatures that produce electricty for their own entertainment. Was the first game to actually utilize the Wii's motion controls well. The sequel's available on the DS, so that might be a deal-breaker for you (though I personally thought the original was better).

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2:

Your average WWII FPS, albeit with marginally better controls. Crusade against the Nazis or against other players online. If average WWII FPSes turn you off, this would be something you should avoid.

Sam and Max: Season 1:

A bunch of point-and-click adventures starring a dog detective and some kind of mutant bunny thing and their comical antics. Also involves a sequel batch of games, Sam and Max: Season 2. Moot point if you have either one for Windows or the 360, or if you dislike point-and-click adventures.

Speaking of point-and-clicks, there's also Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People:

Also on Windows, it's a series of five games involving the titular Strong Bad. Basically, a game designed exclusively for people who enjoy Homestar Runner and pop culture in general.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins:

The objective here is basically to go from point A to point B and use a ninja's most dangerous weapon, Quick Time Events, to murder everyone in between. Notable for being the first Tenchu game made by the original developers since the original. If you're not a fan of the stealth genre, this probably won't convert you.

There are also the few well-done ports like a lot of the stuff on the Virtual Console. Or even games like Bully or Rogue Trooper -- maybe the Godfather game too, but I think they re-released that one with yet more content on the PS3 so maybe not. They have added content and improved controls, but if you played either on the PS2 or Xbox, it's probably not worth buying them again. The same applies to Resident Evil 4, but at this point, I'm basically just assuming that everyone with even a passing interest in the series has played it in some form by this point.

There are some others that I'm not going to really dwell on too much: No More Heroes, which everyone knows and no one buys; Disaster: Day of Crisis, which would have to be imported (and then unlocked via the various home solutions to bypassing Nintendo's silly region locking) since it's currently only out in Europe; and Boom Blox, which despite the single-player campaign might resemble Jenga a little too much for your liking.

Anyway, tl;dr summary, I understand that only some, few, or possibly even none of the aforementioned games may actually interest you, and that's fine, but I don't think that any of them are games the whole family would want to play or that they can be reasonably compared to the likes of Barbies, Sponge Bob, Sudoku, or the games about learning French, eye tests, mini-games, or pet care.

Argento-Nox4001d ago


+1 bubbles for you, thanks for the recommendations, I really appreciate it.

I hadn't realized that deadspace was a rail shooter, so I'm kinda disappointed now (-_-);;. Nonetheless, I was planning to rent House of the dead overkill to play with my nieces. Thanks for reminding me of Zack and Wiki, it's actually one of the titles I wanted to play when it came out. It's supercheap in my area, I think it's $20 new, really disappointed Nintendo and Capcom didn't advertise it more.

Here's another list of games I want to play; De Blob, Space Invaders Get Even (have Space Invaders Extreme for DS and psp), Geometry Wars (have this for the DS), Tenchu, No more heroes 1+2, Fragile, DQ10, Arc rise Fantasia, Punchout, Project Hammer (assuming it's still being made), and Sin and punishment 2.

Already played trauma center via a friend, not really my type of game. Not interested in Disaster: Day of Crisis, I followed that one closely, but it doesn't seem like the type of game I want to play. I think Disaster never came out in N.A b/c it did poorly in sales in Japan and Europe.

I really hope games like Disaster, Mad World and No more heroes start selling well, b/c the reason I have yet to pick up a Wii is th fear that these type of core games that I like to play won't be made. I watch closely my friends playing habits to see games I may want to play, so it's kind of disheartening to see them primarily playing their other systems. It's even more disappointing that one of my best friends, a Nintendo fan is selling his Wii in favor of his PS3. Like me, he shares no real love for most Mario, Zelda (I prefer 2D Zelda, have practically every portable Zelda from the original gameboy color to the present) and Metroid (both of us only care for 2D metroid, we're old school that way).

Again, thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

Mahr4001d ago

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention: with the exception of Overkill and Tenchu, I'm fairly certain that most of the games I mentioned above currently sell for 30 dollars or less -- in some cases, a lot less -- so there is that to consider. If you see any of them going for $50 or more, you should shop around and look elsewhere.

"I really hope games like Disaster, Mad World and No more heroes start selling well, b/c the reason I have yet to pick up a Wii is th fear that these type of core games that I like to play won't be made"

Yeah, the problem with a lot of these games is that none of them received much in the way of advertising (except for maybe De Blob), so there's not very much in the way of consumer awareness. Even online, where it should theoretically be higher, most of these games get pretty over-shadowed by first party stuff, which is absolutely heart-breaking in the case of some games (for instance, in the case of Blast Works, which as I am a fan of shmups and games that encourage creativity, it pains me to see that it only sold something like twelve copies). That's why I try to help spread word of mouth for these games.

Anyway, glad to have been of service.

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phantomexe4005d ago

Xander...couldn't agree more,well said.

solsub4005d ago

I concur to a degree. Nintendo has turned a corner to achieve better market share but they are still releasing some good games. I'm personally waiting to see how Madworld turns out. That being said, their lineup doesn't hold a candle to what's going to be available on the PS3, 360 or PC this year (or what has already been available for awhile).

My opinion, though.

ChaoticStupid4005d ago

Wii library is looking really good this yeah. Dead Space, Boom Blox2, Conduit, Madworld, Muramasa,Boy and his Blob, Excitebots,Punch Out, Sin and Punishment2,klonoa, Cursed Mountain, Little Kings Story, Fragile, Indiana Jones, Overlord:Dark Legend,Arc Rise Fantasia, and those are just the ones I personally want. I'm sure someone else could add a few to it that they are looking forward to.

Now I wouldnt say that its better than what the other consoles have but its still early in the year and the Wii is already having a great year as far as games go. That could get a lot better as the year goes on.

TheMART4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Its simple

Wii got the lowest amount of good/great games (above 8 out of 10 average source Metacritic)

42 games that is

PS3 has 94, the 360 has 134

Wii got the highest amount of games that suck, a 4 or lower.

Wii isn't a real console anymore. its the shiatware machine

ChaoticStupid4005d ago

A. Most reviews are bias against the Wii. They give games that should be 8 or 9 a 6-7 score based simply on the graphics offered on the PS3 or 360. So your point isnt really valid. Also check out the low reviews for a lot of PS2 games. Didnt seem to hurt that console any.Also doesnt take into account that most developers didnt want anything to do with the Wii or that PS3/360 shre most of those same games in their list while most of the Wii list is exclusive.

B. Wii owners actually buy games. You like to pull up reviews but since when did that matter? Reviews do not pay bills, sales do. Lets take a look at this interesting fact. When you look at all the games this gen to sell over 5 million copies you will find 15 games. 5 are on the 360 and a total of 9 are on the Wii. PS3 only has 1 game to sell over 5 million.

Most of PS3 million sellers are low selling games. A good majority barely sold over 1 million. So more gamers actually preferred the broken game play of Redsteel to most of the games offer on your PS3.

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